LaTisha Scott Responds to Stormi Steele Saying Marsau Scott Acts Like a Woman

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Marsau Scott and LaTisha Scott’s business expo resulted in drama they did not anticipate.

Love & Marriage: Huntsville” star Marsau Scott is rubbing a few people the wrong way during the current season. As we reported, some drama occurred at Marsau and LaTisha Scott‘s Blaque Business Expo. Originally, the couple asked Melody Shari and the rest of the Comeback Group to speak on the panel. Melody was considering it until Marsau said they had no plans to pay any of the speakers. In fact, Marsau said it was “greedy” to want to be compensated. He said the event was supposed to be a way for the group to give back to the community that made their ventures a success.

On the recent episode, Marsau told the Fletchers his decision to not pay speakers was right. He went on to say Melody doesn’t have enough business experience to be paid. In fact, he only credited her for “selling T-shirts.” Even when reminded he was actually in business with Melody and Martell Holt for years, Marsau didn’t back down on what he said. So when this got back to Melody, she was heated.

Marsau also managed to upset Stormi Steele as well with the business expo. He and LaTisha asked Stormi to replace Melody. However, they forgot to tell her there was a $100 booth fee. So when Stormi was setting up her Canvas Beauty booth, Marsau asked LaTisha if the fee had been paid. LaTisha said no because no one told Stormi she had to pay. She suggested that Marsau not approach Stormi about this on the day of the event.

Well, Marsau didn’t take LaTisha’s advice. He asked Stormi to pay the fee and it went left. So these days Stormi isn’t a fan of Marsau. In fact, she has even clashed with LaTisha over Marsau’s expo actions. Interestingly enough, this comes up again on the upcoming episode.

Stormi Steele thinks Marsau Scott acts like a “*****.”

During a preview for the next episode, Stormi tells LaTisha that Marsau acts like a woman.

In the video, LaTisha says to Stormi and the others, “I don’t want to start no issue because Marsau is very…he can speak for himself. And I told him I’m staying out of his mess.”

Stormi then says, “Now we gotta talk to Marsau. I be thinking he be acting like a woman cause I was like…”

Kimmi Scott disagrees with this perspective, “He don’t act like a woman.” LaTisha agrees with Kimmi, “He don’t act like a woman, he’s just very vocal.”

Regardless, Stormi doesn’t back down from her views.

“I feel like he wanna be a lady.”

LaTisha responded, “Girl, be quiet.”

The group begins to laugh and Stormi goes on to say, “But it got me like he be acting like a *****.”

Melody adds, “Yeah, he should come over here with the ladies.”

Stormi replies, “He can put on a wig and join us.”


  1. Kimmi and Latisha don’t want to admit Stormi is right but she is. Marsau acts like a messy woman. He’s always bothering people and loves being catty.

  2. A lot of men act like women and a lot of women act like men. Unfortunately, Marsau is showing himself on TV. Marsau comes off as a narcissistic male chauvinist, male dominating control freak. Tisha comes off as a humble, low self-esteem and insecure woman.

    She is gaining in the professional world but she is slow in the natural world. Stormi is a strong woman who is with a man who has her back and doesn’t mind having it because she doesn’t emasculate him.

    Today, it’s a woman’s world. So, to see Tisha being the way that she is makes her husband look worst than I hope he really is as a husband and a man.

  3. RIGHT, Inger. I used to think a lot of Marsau, and very little of LaTisha. Now, I don’t think anything about the both of them. AND, Melody is the best business woman on the show, except for Stormi. Martell fell flat on his face (in moe ways than one) after she left him. Sheree didn’t even want him, and she’s as hard up as they come. BTW, did he pass that exam yet?

  4. He does act like a women and I don’t know why Kimmy always chiming in co-signing whatever Teshia say. I like Stormie because she’s not afraid to say what’s on her mind. Her husband loves and respects her. Their marriage is the strongest on the show.

    1. No it’s not Stormy is kinda a bully as well she throws her husband Courtney’s name around kkke he’s a gangsta granted Marsau does like to talk down to women like he does Latisha his wife he’s a male chauvinist who needs the right man to check him and no kimmie is her own women with her own opinion the realist out of them all.

  5. Honestly… Marsau love to be in the middle of the women has going on…..but he will NOT be a pretty woman!!!! I feel like he stays in the women business so that the heat won’t be on him and Latisha mess they have lingering over their heads….

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