Destiny Payton Confronts Her Ex + Details Released of Recent Arrest & Divorce Filing

Destiny Payton Arrest Details
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Destiny Payton confronts her ex Moses Monroe.

In a preview for the upcoming episode of “Love and Marriage: Huntsville,” Destiny Payton finally gets her sit-down with Moses Monroe. During a portion of the conversation, Destiny tells Moses his actions were spiteful. He is married to her former LAMH producer Sunni Minx.

Moses apologizes to Destiny for how he treated her. He also says that in April 2023, he told Destiny they should be friends when she didn’t go to St. Louis for his birthday. He claims Destiny wasn’t showing him the attention he wanted. Destiny replies Moses wanted her to court him. She also claims they still dated through August, when Moses sent her money.

“You wanted me to court you like you was my girlfriend.”

Destiny doubles down, claiming she has the proof in messages they were dating in August, including the money sent. She also says she texted Moses in August, breaking up, claiming she said, “I choose me.” Moses reiterates he broke up with Destiny in April and began dating his now wife, Sunni, in August. Despite this, Destiny still stands firm in her belief that they were still together when Moses began dating Sunni.

“You told me in April but loved me all the way through August,” replies Destiny.

Moses replies, “Prove it,” daring Destiny to show the evidence.

The clip ends with Destiny saying, “Don’t play with me. I’m still her.”

More details about Destiny’s newest arrest have been released.

In other news, Urban Belle obtained Destiny’s most recent arrest warrant. Documents show Destiny’s ex-husband, La’Berrick Williams, obtained the warrant for the newest arrest. La’Berrick is still pursuing Destiny in court.

This time, he is pursuing Destiny on Identity theft charges. He alleged that she signed his name on an Indemnity Bond for MaDonni Beauty Supply Store through Huntsville Utilities. The utility bond was obtained in July 2023.

The warrant was issued in Madison County on April 30, 2024. As previously reported, Destiny was arrested this month on an Identity Theft charge and released on a $5,000 bond. La’Berrick also had Destiny arrested this past October on a forgery charge for the same allegation of Destiny using his signature to obtain the utility bond. That charge and case were thrown out this past January.

Destiny has a hearing for this charge on June 5th.

Destiny and La’Berrick are also in heated divorce proceedings, with La’Berrick reopening the divorce last year. La’Berrick is seeking a modification of their divorce decree issued in 2021.

Well, on May 10th, 2024, just days before Destiny’s second arrest, she filed her own divorce filing. In the filing obtained by Urban Belle, Destiny claims La’Berrick failed to pay healthcare costs for their child and is seeking a modification of their divorce decree.

Destiny also accused La’Berrick of speaking to her LAMH cast mates and bloggers “to spread false information” about her. This resulted in claims Destiny was threatened with removal from the show due to the allegations from La’Berrick.

Within her modification request, Destiny wants La’Berrick barred from speaking with anyone affiliated with LAMH about herself or their child. Both divorce cases are open and active, with Destiny seeking to have the court combine them and expedite the hearings.


  1. Interesting dates. So why was Destiny using La’Berrick’s signature and credit when she was f-cking Moses and getting money from him at that time? She has the same level of audacity as Martell. And we’re supposed to feel sorry for her this season? FOH.

    1. Exactly what I was thinking!!! Girl thought she could get over on LaBerrick….but was she surprised to know he’s not the one to play with!!!!

  2. She needs to get a real job, take care of her child. Stop trying to prove a man wants her, when he’s clearly showing he doesn’t. Too old for this foolishness.

  3. Moses is a stuttering blubbering fool. Destiny shouldn’t’ve wasted her time.
    She has much bigger fish to fry with all of the goings-on with her ex-husband.
    Why would she do that? Was Le’Berrick supposed to let her slide?
    Now…if she keeps committing criminal acts their son will be with his Father.

  4. I think he making ***** moves. No matter what is going on, he should be able to come to a better understanding than sending his son’s mother to jail. Just my opinion and I don’t know the whole story.

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