Dr. Heavenly Kimes Puts Carlos King on the Spot About Multiple LAMH Stars Having Rap-sheets

Carlos King Dr Heavenly LAMH
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The arrests of certain LAMH cast members reinforced backlash from viewers.

The latest season of “Love & Marriage: Huntsville” is very controversial, thanks to Martell Holt’s recent arrest. As we reported, Melody Shari Rodgers pressed charges because he allegedly threatened to release an explicit video they recorded while they were married. Although Martell and his mother, Marlene, downplayed the situation, Martell has since been convicted of Domestic Violence, Harassing Communications. He immediately repealed and requested a trial. In the meantime, many fans of the show and bloggers are questioning why Martell is still allowed to be on LAMH. In response, some viewers took to social media to declare they were done watching.

Interestingly enough, Martell isn’t the only LAMH cast member who just scored another mugshot. Destiny Payton was recently arrested for Identity Theft. Before that, Destiny had been arrested for forgery. She was accused of forging La’Berrick Williams’ signature on a utility bill. The case was dismissed. Not too many details surrounding Destiny’s current legal battle have been released just yet.

Between lawsuits and arrests, the “Love & Marriage: Huntsville” cast continues to be a hot topic on the internet. Dr. Heavenly Kimes mentioned this during the latest installment of “Messy Mondays.” Carlos King was speechless.

Carlos King reacted to Destiny Payton’s latest legal battle.

She said, “I’ve been trying to do the right thing and say the right **** ’cause I know you probably…but Destiny got arrested child, what’s going on with that?”

After Carlos started laughing, Heavenly continued.

“You ain’t wanna talk about it? I was waiting for you to bring it up. But we halfway in and you ain’t even bring this up.”

At this point, Carlos walked away from the camera and continued to laugh.

Heavenly then asked, “What the **** is going on because half your cast done been **** it arrested?”

She added, “What’s going on? Now y’all shoplifting and **** and fraudulent acting, allegedly, cause I ain’t seen no docket.”

When Carlos returned, he joked about the arrests leading up to a new nickname for LAMH.

“You know what’s interesting? People are now calling the show ‘Love & Huntsville After Lockup’ and I don’t understand why.”


    1. Yes ma’am it does! The cast must be elated that they were even mentioned cause he usually pays the dust Lol

  1. He knows that After lock up is a good name. His laughter shows his a@@ does not care about the cast at all, they are just a check. A check that he is going to get as long as possible.

  2. And y’all just spoke volumes, his ten FACED AZZ, you all are absolutely correct, and clearly he’s definitely exposing all they’re Ignorance foolishness and shenanigans, they clearly think he’s laughing with them all the while he’s definitely laughing at them, just sad the things they’re doing clearly they don’t care about themselves nor they’re families, look at us, this is DEFINITELY saddening heartbreaking and utterly ridiculous in my opinion, and the reasons why I say us, because clearly if you know then you know

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