Stormi Steele Confronts LaTisha Scott over Messy Reunion Jabs

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Stormi Steele may never be able to make peace with LaTisha Scott and Marsau Scott.

Love & Marriage: Huntsville” stars LaTisha Scott and Stormi Steele clashed a lot during last season’s reunion. LaTisha didn’t appreciate Stormi saying Marsau Scott acted like a *****. Stormi refused to back down from her choice of words. So when things became heated, LaTisha made controversial accusations. She accused Stormi of not paying off her Canvas Beauty debts. And she told Stormi to go “pop some pills.”

Stormi seemed completely taken aback by the comment. Interestingly enough, this comes up during the upcoming episode. LaTisha and Stormi seemingly attend Nell Fletcher’s birthday party. In the trailer, LaTisha makes it known that she can’t pretend to be cordial.

“Weird is inviting you to a Galentine’s celebration when you haven’t talked to a person in months. The things that were said at the reunion…they’re not friendly things.”

Stormi reminded LaTisha of the insult hurled her way at the reunion.

She said, “You told me to go pop some pills. Cause I wanna know what you meant by it. What you mean by go pop some pills?”

By the end of the video, LaTisha stands firm.

She says, “You heard what I said.”

In a previous episode, Stormi told LAMH newbie Latricia that she understood why her words for Marsau were offensive to him and LaTisha. While Stormi is aware that she was harsh, she doesn’t think she was dishonest. She believes Marsau has a habit of being “sassy” to women. Stormi thinks he is the main reason why LaTisha couldn’t maintain her friendships with her and Melody Shari Rodgers.


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  1. Latisha is absolutely right! This no class just got some money lady calling her husband the b word. I would never be friends with Stormi or her husband. You know what they say, you can get them out of the ghetto but you can’t get the ghetto out of them.

    1. Well Stormi was right, Marsau is just that. She kept it real while everyone else won’t tell it like it is. He’s worst than a woman.

  2. Chile bye Latisha clearly thinks she’s better than other’s and can talk about others but definitely when the shoe’s on the other foot it’s clearly a problem with herself, marsell stays in women’s business and isn’t he the drunk one, he talks to her any kind of way and continuesly thinks he knows everything but doesn’t really really remember that one doesn’t DRINK AND DRIVE AND HAS CHEATED ON HER NUMEROUS TIMES, BUT DEFINITELY SHE WON’T GO INTO DETAILS ABOUT THIS BUT KNOWS EVERYONE ELSE BUSINESS WITH HER STUFFY NOSE SELF, GET HER STORMIE SHE DEFINITELY CAN’T TAKE YOU PERIOD, SMMFH MELODY DOING HER, AND FIRST TISHA WAS CLEARLY ON MONFAILS SID

  3. Stormi thinks cause Tisha is soft spoken she’s a punk but I’m glad Tisha is matching her bully energy

  4. Don’t like either one of them. The real question is why have Canvas Beauty products been remove from all the major drug store chains (CVS, Rite Aid, Walgreens, etc.)? Let her tell that storyline, instead of verbally insulting someone. Tisha needs speech therapy so that she can learn to enunciate words.

  5. Why is Latisha always saying stuff to about the others but can’t handle it the blow back. She has to act like she is innocent when the mess starts.

  6. Latisha knows Marsau is a b**** and Latisha is the bigger b**** for putting up with him and all his antics. She’s not his child and should let him know that. The person she needs to exude all this feistiness with she won’t. She’s a poor excuse for anything. She’s not pleased with herself and that’s a factor for her behavior…..Grow dafuqq up Latisha! #LAMH

  7. I wish my husband WOULD go to Africa and not tell or take me…clear my head my arse. People who live in glass houses…….Have Tisha and Marsau explain that …… I’ll wait….”crickets“Tisha doesn’t have a clue.. Marsau got the right one go sho

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