‘Married to Medicine’ Newbie Dr. Alicia Egolum Checks Toya Bush-Harris

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Toya Bush-Harris and Dr. Eugene Harris’ marriage has received a lot of criticism

Married to Medicine” star Toya Bush-Harris is used to having controversial moments on the show. Fans and other cast members have been critical of her marriage. Dr. Heavenly Kimes has accused Toya of mistreating Dr. Eugene Harris and embarrassing him with certain comments. She also said Toya needed to “get a job” because she was overworking Eugene to keep her housewife lifestyle. However, Eugene does not see it that way at all. Eugene told fans of the show that Toya was actually the breadwinner in their marriage. So he doesn’t understand why Heavenly and others are so critical of Toya as a wife.

Interestingly enough, Dr. Nkemakonam Egolum has been receiving some criticism as well. He’s married to “Married to Medicine” newbie Dr. Alicia Egolum. In past episodes, Kema has expressed he and Alicia have more of a “traditional” marriage. Some of his comments have been labeled as insensitive. For example, he feels men should not cook. He also expressed he didn’t feel comfortable watching the kids when Alicia was away. These comments caused the other husbands to laugh and scratch their heads. And this will come up again during the next episode.

Dr. Alicia Egolum checks Toya Bush-Harris.

During the preview, Kema’s comments on marriage stir Dr. Jackie Walters. He believes men need to “train” their wives.

Kema tells the other husbands, “You got to be consistent. The same **** every time. Where is my food, where is my food?!”

All the other husbands could do was laugh but Jackie doesn’t see the humor.

Jackie says, “Women are not trained. Dogs are trained.”

Apparently, Jackie wasn’t the only one who took issue with what Kema said because Toya confronts Alicia in a later scene.

Toya says, “Why are you okay with him saying he trained you up?”

Alicia snaps, “Eugene needs to train your ***!”


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  1. I have a problem when a man thinks he’s not supposed to help with running the house and taking care of their children. I have a bigger problem when he says women need to be trained, I agree with Dr. Jackie on this. I don’t understand women who are with men like this and don’t correct them. I see this in a lot of men who weren’t born in America or who were raised by parents who have these sentiments. Me for one will never be with a man who thinks like, I know when I saw that episode I laughed along with the men and wondered why he is the way he is and still married.

  2. It’s easy for the newbies to dunk on Toya but Alicia has to know her husband says some really wild sh-t. Be mad at his a-s first.

  3. Alicia deflected because she knows her husband is out of order. He doesn’t speak like an educated man let alone a surgeon. The other husbands are laughing at him, not with him.

    1. GTFOH! Just because your husband looking like the Master of Foolery and you the Mammy of acceptance is nobody’s fault but the Egolum’s. She knew exactly what kind of person she was marrying when she said I do. So she accepted that behavior, his characteristics and his cultural beliefs. Now she doesn’t have a problem with the other ladies asking and putting her husband in check. So when Toya asks her a question not of malicious intent but of concern and curiosity, you find the opportunity to throw a jab. Just because you’re frustrated and probably sexually frustrated and or maybe jealous of how Toya is a free spirited woman and Eugene provides for her and treats her like a queen. Yeah, Mrs. Egolum your true color of green came through in a shade of Envy! Now go release that frustration with the shower head, because we know you don’t want to admit it but you have been taking notes. Lol! If I was Toya, I would have laughed in your face to let you know that she was unbothered and then offer her some confidence on a Platter and a extra Showered Head to release some frustration. Also, Toya should have reminded them all about what the Master of Foolery said to their husband’s. Why entertain such foolery, the Egolum’s bring nothing to the show. #Boring#StoptheFoolery
      Stop making Toya the punching bag, for a storyline!

      Also, if Heavenly wouldn’t have caused confusion then the trip would have started off great because none of the couples would have brought up, Curtis infidelity. Just like no one brought up the fact Cecil lady friend use to golf with him(HILTON HEAD is known for Golfing) . It was in the past and they were in a good place if HEVENLY said nothing it wouldn’t have been an issue. Matter of fact she seemed more upset than Jackie. WHY HEAVENLY? Jackie is very capable of speaking up for herself and throwing jabs. Also for Heavenly to say Jackie will never forgive Sweet Tea for what she said is not true, Jackie forgave Heavenly for the things she said when she first came on the show. NEVER SAY NEVER

  4. Alicia has taken notice of how Jackie and Heavenly treat and talk down to about Toya. Alicia is another Jackie, takes shots and acts innocent. She knows her husband says things that are problematic. Attacking Toya want change anything.

  5. It was a cute little read but Alicia needs to train her husband to have common sense and stop embarrassing them on TV. His scenes are so cringe.

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