Nell Fletcher’s Daughter Claps Back at Former Side Chick Accusations

Photo Credit: OWN/YouTube

Nell Fletcher’s daughter clapped back at the side chick accusations.

Love & Marriage: Huntsville” star Martell Holt rubbed Chris Fletcher the wrong way after he referred to Nell Fletcher as a former side chick. He made the comment sometime after Nell told him she wasn’t inviting him to her birthday party. She invited Melody Shari Rodgers instead since Martell was recently arrested and convicted of harassment. Chris confronted Martell for calling Nell a side chick. He said things with Nell didn’t take off until he was divorced. Martell eventually apologized.

Interestingly enough, Martell wasn’t the first person to make the accusation about Nell. Chris’ daughter Lexi made the same claim. During an interview, she alleged that Nell started dealing with Chris while he was married to her mother.

Well, Chris and Nell’s daughter Kayla clapped back on Facebook.

She wrote, “TOO EARLY FOR THE BS….. I’m quiet about A LOT but be fr…

When my parents met…Lexi (dad’s daughter) and Lance (mom’s son) were 6 months (still are) apart.. at the time Lexi and Lance were only a little over one year of age.

My mom, not knowing my dad was married, after him pursing her, when she found out, they separated until Lexi mom and my dad were divorced. A couple years later…July 27th, 1994 my parents were married, YES, my mom was pregnant with Chris which she never stated she wasn’t…”

Kayla continued, “Chris was born November 2nd, 1994.. so why would you think she meant that when RIGHT after she said Chris Jr. is a reminder of how long we’ve been married 🙃 she stated she wasn’t a side chick…because she was WOMAN enough to leave the situation and yall want to make her one SO BAD.

And she also stated which she wasn’t going to state UNTIL Lexi mom wanted to LIE. the reason my dad married Lexi mom is because SHE (Lexi mom) was pregnant (which is why Lexi mom stated that in her interview, trying to make it seem like that’s why my mom got a ring but in reality, its why Lexi mom got a ring and wasn’t able to keep it) which is why it never worked, before my mom even came along…obviously…NOW…they’re almost 30 years married, happy and forever my love birds 🥰…if you’re still lost, keep reading until you get it and if not, have a fabulous day.

Invest in the truth 😇.”

Check out the screenshots in the video below.


  1. I’m trying to figure out 🤔 why children are in grown folks business?
    That got you slapped back when.

  2. Loe down folks on TV will do anything for s bagno class.or morals today society is no scruples, or morality Shame putting all your business in yjr street

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