LAMH Star Martell Holt Convicted of Domestic Violence Against Melody Rodgers

Martell Holt Convicted of Domestic Violence
Photo Credit: OWN

Martell Holt was convicted of Domestic Violence and Harassing Communications against Melody Shari.

Love and Marriage: Huntsville” star Martell Holt was convicted earlier this month for his charge of Domestic Violence Harassing Communications against his ex-wife Melody Shari Rodgers.

According to court documents exclusively obtained by Urban Belle, Martell was convicted on May 2nd, given a 30-day suspended jail sentence, 12 months of supervised probation, and fined over $500. He is also required not to have any contact with Melody.

Martell subsequently appealed the ruling and is out on bond pending the appeal.

As previously reported, Martell Holt was arrested in January on a warrant for Domestic Violence. Melody obtained the warrant for the charge in July 2023. This occurred after a former friend of Martell’s Paramour revealed a plot to use the Paramour to release an explicit video featuring Melody on social media.

During the latest LAMH season premiere, Melody explained what Martell did to lead her to get the warrant. Melody mentioned that Martell had sent her a text message, threatening Melody to stop “messing with him.” He then sent a screenshot from the video they recorded. LAMH producers showed a screenshot of the message but did not show the image Martell sent Melody. Melody confirmed the screenshot was from a video they recorded while married. She alleged Martell’s plot to expose her under the guise Melody cheated on him with another man.

The former friend of Martell’s Parmour went to social media before the warrant was issued, calling out Martell and her former friend for the plot. She claimed she told Martell’s Parmour not to put out the video.

Martell must also submit a psychological evaluation in his ongoing custody case.

It’s also speculated that this may hurt Martell in the ongoing custody case between him and Melody. In the custody case, Melody is seeking full custody and the ability for their children to appear on LAMH and other forms of media.

According to new court documents obtained by Urban Belle, their custody case is open and no longer in mediation.

Martell must also provide proof he obtained a psychological evaluation. The next court hearing for this case is set for June 18th.


  1. This is why the cast and OWN framing what Martell did as “just a text message” warrants a hostile workplace environment lawsuit. It’s baffling how poorly a black network, black production company and black executive producer handled this.

    1. Agreed. I think Melody choosing to stop talking and just handle things in court was the smartest thing she could have ever done. And I think OWN and Carlos are going to regret a lot of the decisions they made. They publicly enabled and supported Martell. He’s a huge liability and any good attorney would have told them so.

      1. Martell is now a loose cannon if he appeals he will drag everyone down with him as he probably shared the video. His side piece might even roll on him. But he won’t go down quietly he is unhinged ar this point doesn’t care if he loses so will everyone else complicit including OWN and kingdom reign!

      2. You are stating OWN and Carlos allowed….. orrrrrr…. did they sit back and let dumb dumb dig his own hole!!!

        1. Enabled was the word I used and it is the correct word to use in this context. You think your employer would continue to employ someone at your job who was aggressive and abusive to other employees? OWN and Carlos aren’t the good guys here. And I won’t be surprised when both are sued. Every employer has a legal responsibility to make sure the work environment is healthy and non toxic.

  2. Anyone who actually keeps up with what happens off the show isn’t surprised by this conviction. Melody had proof which included his own side chick/mattress admitting to him telling her to leak the video. She really admitted everything to a YouTuber like an idiot. This conviction makes her fair game now too. Martell is a fool to appeal because a trial means a longer sentence and heftier fine. His parents really failed him.

  3. This makes OWN look so terrible. They continue to employ Martell so I will continue to not watch. 🤷🏾‍♀️

  4. I’m so happy Melody will not allow this demon spawn to punk her. Black women are not punching bags! Some of us are smart enough to press charges and sue! Leave us alone 😘

  5. Anyone can ask for appeal but that doesn’t mean the judge will agree. How much longer does Martell’s arrest record need to get before the cast gets it? I completely understand why some are boycotting now.

  6. He’s getting what exactly he deserves. I’ve no empathy, sympathy or Fs to give about his dusty a**. He should be in jail & maybe Melody can sleep easier at night, knowing that Gremlin can’t harass her for the time being.

  7. His momma should be proud since she told him not to change. She has two sons who like jail. Martell’s brother is back in jail too.

  8. 🙏I am praying for the kids because they will grow up, watch reruns of this show and read how all of this transpired. Of course he will explain to them that he is the “good guy” and Mel picked on him and made him look bad.

    Martell takes no accountability for anything and “claims” that Melanie is messing with him but its the exact opposite. Carlos needs to understand that domestic abuse in any form is unacceptable. Martell has spiraled out of control and this is just another example. What I don’t get is why he remains on the show? Does he have to act a fool with someone else before he is permanently removed from
    the show????
    Coleslaw told it all and she should be weary of anything he says and run for the hills. I am not defending Coleslaw at all but if Martell did this to Mel, what does she think he will do to her when he cannot control the situation? I am glad Mel took the legal route and make it clear to her ex that what he did was wrong. I don’t think he even understands what revenge p is???? That’s right his momma says, “he was a good husband” okay😡😡😡😡

  9. It is so sad to see the women on this show to always turn their back on Mel, even the ones she’s always supported. They all deflected the accusations to simple text messages, while no one was living Mel’s life but Mel. She did what she had to do for her family’s peace and he was proven guilty. Melody is the not the villain, but a smart woman.

    1. I agree. Misogyny is such a cancer in our community. This man was convicted but I’m sure there are still women itching to run to this comment section and blame Melody. As a former victim of abuse myself, comments like that can be so triggering. I’m grateful Urban Belle is no longer allowing these types of comments to be posted here. Martell is now a convicted abuser. Stop gaslighting Melody and those of us who do not support Martell’s erratic and dangerous behaviors. He should be fired from the show. We need to go after OWN’s sponsors now since they refuse to hold Martell accountable for anything.

  10. Okay so this is probably the main reason Sheree was fired from RHOA. Bravo said they ain’t OWN. They got rid of everybody who was associated with Carlos and Martell. Sensible networks don’t play about DV.

  11. Martell likely appealed because he can’t take not being allowed to contact and harass Melody like he’s been doing for years. This man and that stupid side chick of his refuse to leave Melody alone and it’s sick. Send them both to jail. She divorced him over 3 years ago. So why is he still bothering her?!

  12. What are they going to do now that Martell has been convicted in a court of law? Will he still say that Mel is bothering him?

  13. I stopped watching after Mel & Miss Wanda had the blow up at Destiny’s Grand Opening. The original premise of the show was LOST seasons ago. Now, its like EVERY other reality show where they fight and disrespect each other. Martell is a liability. They (OWN and Carlos)aren’t going to realize it until it hits them in the pocket. As long as we watch, we are promoting the buffoonery.

    The show is no longer about Power Couples making Power Moves. It’s sad. I guess I’ll keep watching Eqypt Sherrod & Mike Jackson (Married to Real Estate on HGTV) the epitome of a Power Couple making Power Moves. They make me Proud!!!!! Love & Marriage Huntsville is an embarrassment.

  14. I don’t understand why there isn’t more outrage at the treatment of this woman? No news reporting just a few outlets? All women black, Latina, Asian, white should stand in support against domestic violence, revenge P, child abuse!!!

    1. Carlos King and Martell likely have a lot of these blogs and YouTube people on payroll, mainly Carlos because Martell is too broke for that. He harasses and intimidates bloggers into silence instead. Martell calls them and scares them into taking down videos and not reporting his actions.

    2. Thankfully more outlets are reporting this now. OWN needs to let Martell go. He’s a huge liability.

      1. But when Kenya tried to tell you about the ninja you got mad you make bad choices and he wearing pink at your grandbaby 1st birthday smh

  15. It’s crazy when you really sit back and think about how everything played out. Martell really fumbled the bag. All he had to do was be remorseful about breaking up his family and respectfully coparent. Just show the world he could change for the better. Fans would have moved on and he could have cleaned up his image. But he refuses to admit any wrongdoing. Ego ruins lives.

  16. Unfortunately, we have all seen or knew people like Martell. I don’t know if it is because he and Mel EP the show or if it is something else because why let him stay?

    Remember when that crazy dude showed up at Kenya’s house because they were dating and she dumped him and busted out her windows and threatened her? He was arrested and Bravo dropped him from the show immediately. I do not understand why Martell is still on the show after what he did. I believe he will continue to escalate and if Mel gets full custody of the kids, it will be awful.

    But as my Grandma would say, some people do not believe that “fat meat is greasy” which means OWN and Carlos are not going to do something until Martell reacts or does something that he cannot nor the network can come back from. Clearly as everyone has said on this thread, Mel has moved on with her life but he has not. But if violates the terms of his probation, that will be her fault too.

    He is never “wrong or held accountable” for anything. He does not stop to think about the fact that he has daughters and what if some fool did this same thing and used revenge porn against one of them? Or what if his sons go grow up and think this is how you are supposed to treat women?
    I do not think he would even listen to Chris, Maurice or Marasau about this entire debacle.

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