Melody Shari Rodgers is Dragging Miss Wanda to Court

Photo Credit: OWN/YouTube

Melody Shari Rodgers is going back to court.

Love & Marriage: Huntsville” star Melody Shari Rodgers has had enough of Miss Wanda. Hours ago, she took to Instagram Live to call out LaTisha Scott’s mother. Fans of the show are aware of Melody’s rocky history with Miss Wanda. Wanda was pushed off the show after she tried to assault Melody during an argument. Despite no longer being on LAMH, Wanda still has plenty to say about Melody and her loved ones on social media. As a result, Melody is ready to add Wanda to her current legal battles. She confirmed that she will be filing a defamation lawsuit against Wanda.

Melody told Wanda, “You spewed out a lot of false information my girl. You spewed out a lot of hate and false information. I already texted my attorney, filing expeditiously. I’m not playing with you. Ain’t no more sparing or nothing, no shape form or fashion, none of that. Not doing it. And you know I ain’t doing it. Tired of you. You do too much. Ain’t nobody checking for you. You do way too much and been doing way too much. And the fact of the matter is you keep lying. Then you coming for my skincare brand too.”

The gloves are officially off.

She continued, “You old enough to be my momma. You ain’t gonna do nothing. You ain’t gonna whoop nothing. We all know that to be true. All you do is run your mouth. And anybody who runs their mouth as you do ain’t finna do ****. Ain’t bout to do nothing.”

Melody is frustrated because she feels like Wanda keeps coming for her despite her being on cordial terms with LaTisha and Marsau Scott. But she’s done ignoring Wanda.

“So take your razor blade-lipped ugly looking *** on to the courthouse cause that’s where you bouts to be because you finna get served, my girl. I’m not playing with you. I don’t make money just for fun. I make money to handle ******* like you.”


  1. Tisha is going to be in her feelings. Melody is “attacking ” her mom. Ms. Wanda is an adult. She should realize that her words and actions should be tender because she may be eating soon. Melody is not playing with nobody.

  2. Ms.Wanda need to be put in her place. TISHA should have been check her mom. Talking about people kids is off limits… And being in people business, and lying on someone my cost her…

  3. Melody should bury this woman alive legally once and for all. She’s been consistently so far over the line on her comments over the years the line stopped moving. Break her then bury her in debt. The way her and her neice Keke eyes roll around in their heads it’s evident there’s a mental instability gene running through that family lineage. Being on that show just served to expose it. Melody is cleaning house and to the Victor goes the spoils. Off with her head!!!

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