Miss Wanda Responds to Reports of Her Being Fired from ‘Love & Marriage: Huntsville’

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Miss Wanda started coming for Melody Shari and Martell Holt after they fell out with the Scotts.

Love & Marriage: Huntsville” cast members just wrapped up another eventful season not too long ago. As we reported, Melody Shari and Martell Holt are back on bad terms. In fact, their co-parenting relationship has actually worsened. Despite vacationing with their mothers and kids together in Destin, Martell still decided to sue Melody for full custody. Of course, there were also other issues. Melody didn’t appreciate Martell inviting LaTisha Scott and Marsau Scott to join them at their rental house in Destin, Florida. Martell didn’t ask Melody if she would be okay with this beforehand. She also wasn’t happy about Martell telling his son’s mother, Arionne Curry, that she had Covid. Arionne later blasted Melody about this on social media.

Interestingly enough, Melody and Martell’s issues with Marsau and LaTisha have resulted in Miss Wanda getting involved. She’s had some strong words for Martell and Melody. At times, she has actually come for both on social media. And both agree that the line was crossed when Wanda mentioned their children.

The first time Wanda was critical of their hair. And she said she didn’t want the Holt kids to play with her grandchildren anymore. She feared they would be envious of her grandaughter’s hair and try to cut it off. Martell confronted her about this on the show. Wanda was taken aback but Martell stood firm. He didn’t like that Wanda tried to insinuate that the Holt children have inferior hair and would try to harm their own friends.

The incident that caused madness at the MaDonni reopening event was Wanda questioning the paternity of Martell and Melody’s youngest child. Wanda denied that she was insulting the child. And what she did was in response to Melody saying that LaTisha’s father was in her DMs.

Miss Wanda addressed the latest gossip.

Some LAMH fans were really upset about Wanda’s actions. They created an online petition calling for Wanda to be fired from “Love & Marriage: Huntsville.” The petition has since amassed thousands of signatures.

Martell told fans that Wanda was fired from the show. However, Marsau denied this. And he said that Wanda would continue to film scenes with her family members moving forward. Regardless, multiple bloggers and YouTubers are reporting that Wanda has been fired from the show. They said she hasn’t been filming any scenes for the upcoming season. It was also rumored that she was asked to leave her grandson’s birthday party because producers didn’t want to film her.

Wanda addressed the gossip recently on Instagram Live. She denied that she was fired and removed from her grandson’s birthday party.

“Don’t believe nothing they say. They said that I’m fired. That is a lie. I may not be filming right now, but the fired stuff is a lie.”

She continued, “They said I didn’t go to my grandson’s birthday party. I was kicked out by a producer. Let me straighten that out. That is a lie. I was never kicked out by no producer. By no one, period. You must not know about me.”

Wanda just wanted to set the record straight, “I was at my grandson’s birthday party. Yes, I was. Y’all know I be late to everything. But I was late. I had some business that had to be taken care of. But I was late but I was there. Yes, I was there and ain’t nobody kick me out. In which world and what town they gon do that at? They gon kick Wanda out? Baby, you got me twisted all the way around…”


  1. So semantics basically. Wanda said herself she has not been filming at all but we know from Carlos that they have been filming for a good minute now. And she probably wasn’t kicked out of the party. But I could see producers simply not filming her.

  2. Seems like she refuses to come to terms with the fact that not getting a contract is the equivalent to being fired.

    1. Oh! Lord..! I’ve long prayed for this moment to come. Please let her go forever and don’t bring her back. To me she doesn’t know the difference between entertainment and crossing the line. She thought she was running the show but us the viewers are the the judges and running the show! Peace ☮️ to MEL and their kids.

  3. Wanda is bossy, has no respect for anyone and in my opinion is stuck on herself…. she shouldn’t be on the show although some people like the drama she brings and her daughter doesn’t address her attitude and stupidity..it’s time for her to go!

    1. You said a mouthful!!! LaTisha never holds her mom accountable for what she does and lets her just get in everyone’s drama. I hope Wanda never comes back.

      1. That. Tisha let her say whatever she wanted because she’s too weak Kimmi did nothing to her and those kids of Mel’s and Martell are innocent. And she went after a baby and they all co-signed by NOT holding her accountable for all of it. Instead Blame Mel yet every mother there would have done the same thing. accept Tisha. her mommy has to speak up

    2. I totally agree and her daughter needs to be fired she stuck on stupid. Her husband can tell her anything she believes whatever he says.

  4. It’s so sad to be this ignorant 🙄 as old as Wanda is. She is truly gutter and proud of it. I hope she is fried. She makes older black women look bad. She has no class. Someone should have told her, the older you get. You should get wiser. I guess she’s just to far behind 🤷 😕 😔 😪 🙃

    1. Totally agree…Wanda is such an embarrassment for the Black woman period. She’s too old to be that ignorant, ghetto and stupid. As for Latisha, I wouldn’t have my mom on national television being such an embarrassment. That says a lot about her as well.

    2. Lack of education is the key here, I would be surprised if she finished high school, very surprised. Ignorance to her behavior and how she looks on national tv. You can’t tell a ghetto person, they act simple, because they don’t and will never see it. Wanda is the epitome of simple, ghetto, classless and tacky. They say ignorance is bliss and that B_tch is very ignorant. She should not be the representative of what a black older woman looks like, Oprah, shame on you for not pulling that woman off the show. She is a disgrace and any older black woman would be ashamed to want her in our race of black people. We want her out of the black race, give her to another race of people. Let’s give her to the KKK and have them start a whole new race by themselves. I feel as strongly about her as I do the KKK – it’s not a good feeling.

  5. I am glad she is gone, but she looks much better to me than her daughter who is just as silly. Her make up is much better, however, her clothing is a bit much for her age.

  6. Too old to act so common and messy. She went way too far in attacking innocent children and refusing to admit she was DEAD WRONG. Good Riddance‼️

  7. These mothers need to get off these shows with their kids trying to get a check. She says she’s a boss/CEO then go be that. Food truck is not going to last. Because you has a nasty spirit. I would be glad if she is fired. She is so messy and she to old to be so ignorant. Bye and good riden.

    1. I agree with you…she does have a nasty spirit, and that will affect her success. When I have seen nasty people like her, it’s because they have been so hurt by others in their lives that they feel like they have to “get them before they get me”. She needs time off the show to work on herself, not the food truck. Counseling and a massive dose of humility are her only hope.

  8. I hope she is. Some people think this kind of acting is entertaining, I personally think Ms. Wanda is too old to be so messy.

  9. I hope she is gone, I have a zero tolerance for ignorance and really don’t know why her daughter allows her mother to put her self out there like that 🤔 we laugh at her, not with her, there’s a difference between the two….and who the h-ll is paying her for that BS anyway 🤷‍♀️and why would I want to follow her on U tube ????

  10. I agree, Wanda is too old for her behavior; however, she calls them out on their bs. Children are DEFINITELY off limits, she was wrong for talking about the Holt children. I get she is a mama bear, she goes too far unnecessarily. If Wanda leaves, where is the entertainment coming from? Leave her as a friend to the Scott’s and no filming with cast who isn’t comfortable with doing so. I guess, that leaves Marsau with the other Scott’s and Holts. 😂 Latisha, needs to check her mom respectfully or cut her off.

    1. They were doing just fine before Wanda showed up, entertainment like hers we don’t need or want, she makes a fool out of herself really

      1. LaTisha needs to either drop about 40-50 pounds or start buying clothes in bigger sizes. Everything’s so tight, and I believe she even busted out of her dress on one of the reunion episodes. If she has a stylist, THAT person should be fired. Does she ever look at herself in a mirror? Unflattering doesn’t even begin to describe the way she looks!

  11. Wanda was fun until she wasn’t. She thought she was a cast member and she went full force with it. I feel we don’t need to see or hear from nobody’s mom unless it’s a holiday, wedding or funeral. But Wanda was a totally embarrassment to the body of Christ. Bye Wanda

  12. She is fired own did the best thing they could have ever did is to get rid of her she is degraded to the show

  13. Wanda is embarrassing as an elder. She doesn’t care to have any class. She’s watched too many love and hip hop shows and figured she’d be just as embarrassing as some of the mothers on those shows. Now we all have that family member that does too much and can be embarrassing. But we normally keep them away from classy events. Miss Wanda needs to go. Especially after talking about children. That is unacceptable.

  14. Wanda should have been fired. Shes a disgrace of a woman and mother. Obviously education didn’t give her daughter common sense. No amount of degrees can help that. Makes me question her so called education.

  15. I stopped watching the show along with other family members and friends because of Wanda’s nasty demeanor. She should be removed from the show.

  16. The next one that should be Destiny. She has a mean spirit and really is disrespectful also. Carlos take a check on the Scott’s too! Black people we are better than this.

  17. Get her out she is making black grandmothers look like toxic trash hoodrat. Remember this airs all around the world some ppl have never seen us in person so what they see is what they believe. Wanda is disrespectful

  18. Please! Please..! You know what..?? I’ll be the first person to sign a petition for Destiny to be kicked out of Love and Marriage Huntsville. I don’t know if I’m the only one who can see that she’s pathological liar. She’s a liar 🤥 and never tells the truth especially when it comes to Melody. And she’s so jealous of my best favourite girl Melody ‘n thinks she can compete with her…, But you’ll never be Melody Destiny.

    Please! Please! Let her go we don’t need liars on the national T.V! She’s a notorious fib and I don’t know what kind of a picture she’s showing the world about the black people with her behaviour. Mr. Carlos..! Please take a check on Destiny too! She must Go!

  19. Wanda is character. She needs her on reality TV show. Love and Marriage Huntsville may not have been the right show for her. The new season is seemly a little boring thus far in my opinion.

  20. I agree that Wanda should go and Latisha may be next. She is also jealous of Melody, and she never put her mother in her place, I think and she doesn’t listen when her husband is trying to tell her right. Stormy can also speak much much better. Why did Stormy blow up her lips? Can’t stand to hear her talk or watch her talk. Where were these people educated? There are millions of blacks watching this show. This is one of the few reality shows that I watch Please, Carlos, don’t let the show get raunchy. Why is it that the ladies need to dress showing all of their breasts? That is what I do not understand. Wanda was the most ignorant of all. Destiny needed to be gone also.

  21. I’m glad that Wanda is not on the show anymore and I hope that Tiffany will follow behind her.She’s messy and she’s always in someone’s business.

  22. Wanda is a disgusting ghetto-trash old woman, shows her lack of education every time she opens her ugly face. Ghetto, fat, ugly beast is who that woman is. I usually respect my elders, but that woman brings the violence out of me. What a cantankerous soul. I would NEVER support any business that woman creates. Uneducated people like Wanda will never elevate to a higher level of behavior or will ever understand what collateral damage can be caused by behavior like hers. Everytime she shows up on the show I just fast forward, because I truly cannot STAND that old disgusting roach!!
    And LaTisha, LaTisha, LaTisha – OPEN YOUR DAMN EYES GIRL… DAMN!!!!!! You and yo mama… damn, damn, damn!!!
    And, FYI LaTisha – the word is “Event”, not EEEvent!!! Just DUMB!!!

  23. I wonder what Tisha is feeling about all of these comments that are being made about her mother if she reads them and I believe that Tisha lives in a bubble she is very naïve when it comes to her husband and her mother, when I didn’t see Wanda this season I was so so very happy. I agree with most of the comments I am more than happy not to ever see her again in this life nor in the next one. Wanda is a disgrace to the human race esp. African American/ Black women. I hope when others watched this show that they don’t put us all in the same category. Btw I have the same name and I love my name but her having the same name is such an embarrassment. Glad she’s gone )from the show) because she stayed much to long!!!!

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