Gizelle Bryant Says Colorism Accusations Were Hurtful to Her Daughters

Gizelle Bryant RHOP Season 9
Photo Credit: Bravo TV

Conversations about colorism took place during the recent season of RHOP.

Real Housewives of Potomac” star Gizelle Bryant received criticism from fans during the last season. They didn’t care for Gizelle and Robyn Dixon’s treatment of Wendy Osefo and Candiace Dillard Bassett. It was suspected that colorism was at play. An Essence Magazine writer even addressed this in an article. Many were outraged when Gizelle blamed Candiace, Wendy, and Keiarna Stewart along with Deborah Williams for the fashion show altercation. They questioned why Ashley Darby didn’t receive any blame when she invited Deborah to the event. It was alleged that Deborah was the aggressor that night. She threw a drink at Candiace and hit Keiarna in the face with a glass when she attempted to prevent an altercation. Wendy was not involved.

Mia Thornton was able to convince Gizelle to absolve Wendy of blame.

When the colorism topic came up, Robyn and Gizelle denied being colorists. Gizelle said she couldn’t be a colorist because she graduated from an HBCU and is a member of a historically black sorority. Robyn said the accusation was unfair considering her racial makeup.

Gizelle talked about the situation during a recent interview.

Being accused of colorism hurt Gizelle Bryant’s daughters.

She told Fox 5 DC, “I think it’s extremely unfortunate. I mean am I a colorist? Absolutely not and my life speaks to that. I’m raising brown girls. It’s hurtful to them for people to say that about their mother. But I can just live my life. I love who and what I am meaning my skin is very thick. People say all kinds of untruths about me and I just have to realize you know what? I can’t make everybody happy out here. But am I a colorist? No.”

Gizelle continued, “When that accusation is made does it hurt my children? Absolutely.”

She was asked if being accused of colorism hurt her. Gizelle said it’s about her daughters.

“When that accusation is made does it hurt my children? Absolutely.”

And when the reporter asked her if the situation hurt her, Gizelle answered, “No because I know that I’m not.”

Gizelle insisted that any talk of colorism was based on lies people made up because she’s a “hard pill to swallow.”


  1. This is why I won’t be watching. Clips on here only. I won’t be supporting this gaslighting ever again.

    1. I agree it’s equivalent to a Latina saying they have a Black Daughter. Simultaneously discriminating against melanated Black Women. 😤

  2. A bigot is judged by their actions, not how they see themselves. Gizelle has proven she is a colorist on multiple occasions, and her comments about James Harden sounded like they were stolen from Stormfront. I will no longer support this show as long as she’s on it.

  3. Gizelle is definitely a colorist and it’s disgusting how she lies on her daughters to deflect from us noticing how awful she is.

    1. How did she lie on her daughters though? Despite however fans of the show who are not members of her family feel about her, such negative comments are bound to hurt her children, that’s the truth!

      1. Yes, lied on her daughters. Her daughters know exactly who Gizelle is and they have told her she is a mean girl to her face. Gizelle may be able to fool some of y’all but not all of us.

  4. Why does Giselle actually think and believe that she can say it hurts my daughters when negative comments are made about, when she makes negative comments about the others who are also parents? Only her children are and can be hurt? The nerve of this Woman. Her children are over 13, they all 3 know that Giselle is something awful 😖

  5. I want to know does what their grandfather said about Babara Jordon being an Aunt Jemma how that
    affect their feelings since they are young women of color. I would think that would hurt more or do they know?

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