LHHATL Returns: Bambi Has a New Man + Kirk is Messing Around with Jasmine, Again?

Bambi Love and Hip Hop Atlanta
Photo Credit: VH1

Bambi is ready to show off her new boo.

Love & Hip Hop Atlanta” returns this July and to no surprise, the drama will pick up where the cast left off. Scrappy and Bambi are moving on with their lives now that the marriage is over. Bambi even has a new boo. And she’s ready to start bringing him around the group. In the trailer for the new episodes, Bambi says, “I’m going to bring the guy that I’m going out with.”

Co-parenting has been a mess for Scrappy and Bambi. To no surprise, things weren’t helped when Bambi’s legal battle with Momma Dee kicked off. As we reported, Bambi is suing Momma Dee for accusing her of giving police a fake ID. Momma Dee also doubted the authenticity of Bambi’s college degree.

In the trailer, Scrappy gets fed up when someone mentions Bambi, “Don’t mention her around me when I’m living my life.”

As the trailer goes on, it becomes clear that Kendra Robinson and Yung Joc are still having problems. At the height of frustration, Kendra tells Joc, “If you can’t step up then leave me!”

Rasheeda and Kirk Frost are back on shaky ground regarding their marriage. Apparently, Jasmine has been making messy accusations about Kirk again.

“Jasmine has text messages saying that Kirk wants more *** with her.”

Spice comes up with an idea to produce a cast album. However, she will decide who will be a part of the project. Sierra Gates and others who don’t secure a spot question if this is the right way to do things.

LHHATL premieres July 23rd at 8/7c on MTV.


    1. Lol right ✅️. It’s a story line, because last season Rasheeda and 3 earrings was boring. They trying to secure a spot on the show

  1. Who in hell want Kirk sassy *** , he’s not anything without Rasheeda she should just divorce him and walk away from that old clown

  2. Rasheeda and Kendra is always going to have problems with their husbands.. They two of a kind ( tricks). And Scrappy should have known that Bambi was a hoe when she was with Kirk and Benzino in the hottub…. She use him to get on… And Karlie always having man problems too… And can’t nobody get mad at Spice if she wants Real artists on her album… Because some of them wanna be, need to get another job…Period!!

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