LHHATL Star Bambi Has a New Boo?

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LHHATL fans and cast members have a lot of opinions about Scrappy and Bambi’s breakup.

Love And Hip Hop Atlanta” star Bambi is having an eventful season due to the fallout over her split from Scrappy. As we reported, Bambi suspected Scrappy wasn’t being faithful. She discovered text message conversations he had with his ex-girlfriend Diamond. At the time, Scrappy and Diamond were both on the Millennium Tour. In the text messages, Scrappy told Diamond to meet him at his hotel room. So Bambi filed for divorce. Although Scrappy has denied sleeping with Diamond, Bambi doesn’t believe him. And Scrappy eventually came to the conclusion that being in communication with Diamond was wrong whether they hooked up or not. So Bambi’s feelings of being cheated on are still valid.

On the upcoming episode of LHHATL, Rasheeda and Kirk Frost attempt to push Bambi and Scrappy to speak to each other during their cast trip to The Bahamas. While they figured it may be too late for the former couple to work things out, Kirk and Rasheeda still hoped Scrappy and Bambi could eventually get into a more cordial space. This comes as Bambi has expressed that she feels Scrappy has sicced his exes Diamond and Erica Dixon on her because he’s angry she chose to file for divorce. Both women have made it clear that they support Scrappy as the divorce plays out. So Erica and Diamond have been very critical of Bambi on the show during this time.

Plus, Momma Dee continues to come for Bambi plenty on social media.

Does Bambi have a new man?

Well, one bright spot in Bambi’s life besides business, may be her love life. While posting photos from Kirk and Rasheeda’s event, Bambi mentioned that she’s happy with the new man in her life.

She wrote, “I feel absolutely amazing… God is soooo good.🥹🥰🫶🏽✨✨✨Congratulations to the Frosts #BossMoves season 2 @rasheeda @frost117. And my maaaaan … thank you to my man 😚.”


  1. I haven’t always liked how Bambi moved but I commend how she’s been handling this divorce. She has her mind set up on moving on and I love that for her. More women need to do the same because a lot of them are wasting their lives away in bad marriages/relationships.

    1. Exactly they seem salty that he chased and begged Bambi back to him, then married her, but did not do the same with them eventhough it’s not like scrapping no damn prize.

  2. Am happy for the bam you go girl keep your head up and just self care and take care of those babies and yourself I still love you

    1. Yes, U are right Erica had two hold little girls by another Male Figure. I do believe that was a BIG” O WE MOMENT” that left two little Whatnot” with her for another – 18 / Years now we Grown.
      Erica mind your Business, U got two at home One May be College. Leave Bambi along

  3. I really dislike the way Erica & Diamind have been going after Bambi. That marriage/divorce is between Scrappy & Bambi, it has nothing to do with his exes. They’re both all in his face now that he’s getting divorced but they couldn’t stand him a short time ago, messy birds

    1. Bambi was a side chick. Bambi slept with Scrappy while he was with Erica. It makes sense to be petty and attack while Bambi is divorced 🤷🏾‍♀️

      1. And Erica was Scrappy’s side chick when he was with Bambi. Remember she bragged about it at the reunion and pulled out hotel receipts. Yet, Bambi still understands Scrappy is the problem and common denominator since he cheated on all of them. When will Erica get common sense and stop being male identified?

        1. I did see the reunion! They both admit to being side chick’s.
          Erica and Bambi are both male identified. Ghetto group of BW fighting over scrappy.

          1. Bambi isn’t fighting over Scrappy. She divorced him, moved on, and has a new man. The only ghetto person in this situation is Scrappy, hence why he lies, manipulates and pits women against each other to maintain his dysfunctional lifestyle.

      2. I get it! But Scrap couldn’t have been that serious with Erica because she never got the ring and neither did Diamond only one got the ring in the marriage was Bambi so yes I’m team Bambi, Erica is mad and messy and so is Diamond they are the side chicks in the end. Bambi got wifed

          1. Erica said herself that proposal wasn’t genuine on Scrappy’s end. He didn’t even buy that ring, the producers did. Scrappy treated Erica horribly and she deserved better.

        1. Yes she got wifed, but Erica was asked first with a ring but it just didn’t work out she gave it back to him so don’t say she didn’t get one she got it but just didn’t say I do with it and he was out there cheating on her as well with multiple women

  4. I hope they can work it out one day. All of Scrappy exes so jealous of Bam. When he gonna realize that and keep his mom out of their business. Because how could u talk bad about your grandkids Mom that’s insane.

  5. I don’t think Scrappy is doing Diamond just yet BUT all the communicating is WRONG PERIOD!!! SO HAPPY Bam got a man she can be happy wit n say” MY Mannnn” she deserves it!!! Scrappy NEEDS to level up n stop recycling chicks… IT’S NOT A GOOD LOOK🗣🗣🗣

    1. I believed he has slept with both of his exes. Every time he post Diamond she in the back ground in his house. He was in the car with EricA. Pretty sure they will be beefing about him later.

      1. And she looked a dog on mess. Every time you saw her on the show she looked broke down like she was doing her own make up and styling herself on a budget. She is under Scrappy trying to get on the show to get a check. He needs one too, so they both are trying to have a storyline for next season.

  6. Good because if he Cheated on her likrmy husband cheated on me we al separated and get a divorce and I have a new man I’m happy for her.

  7. I pray for all of them. Bambi is the real MVP !!!! I hope she resets her crown and go mute about Scrap, Erica and Diamond! Don’t respond to they mess! When that judge stamp that dissolution of marriage, the only one you need to have any communication with is your children’s father, to coparent. You owe Erica and Diamond 0!!!!

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