Is A Second Term Possible for President Obama?

Can President Obama get a second term despite the controversy of his proposed legislation?

By: Amanda Anderson

If you are like me (a political junkie), you probably keep a close eye on President Obama and his presidency. And if you are really like me, you keep an even closer eye on the President and his steadily declining approval ratings. As we watch Obama struggle to pass his controversial health care bill, we all have to wonder if there is any chance in hell that this man will be elected for a second term as Commander In Chief.

And it makes sense to wonder what is in Obama’s future. Things have not been peaceful for him since his history making inauguration a year ago. Although Obama’s experience was continuously questioned throughout the presidential campaign, it’s no question that his ambitions (and the selection of Sarah Palin as the Vice-President nominee) helped him get into the White House.

One of Obama’s biggest problems is his ridiculous amounts of spending in the time that this country is one of the worst recessions in history. The country is in debt as a result of the former administration, and it is hard for most Americans to feel comfortable with any piece of legislation that will put us a trillion more dollars in debt.

Another one of the President’s problems is his very own political party. Although Obama wants to fix a broken health care system and tackle the insurance companies, his own party does not seem to be supportive of any of his ideas. There are more Democrats in power, and he still cannot seem to get his legislation to pass. The problem is the Democratic Party is just way too diverse. This may help the party in past elections (and a major reason why it is the largest out of the political parties), but this is the main reason that it is hard to get anything done. Most people are pointing at the Republicans for Obama’s difficulty to pass the health care bill, but the truth is that it is the Democrats holding up legislation.

The worst problem for the 44th President of the United States is that he is proposing legislation that the American people are completely opposed to. And when it comes to re-election, that will pose one of the biggest difficulties for an Obama second term. The President may be doing what he feels is best for the country, but if the people aren’t buying it, he will have a very hard time staying in the White House. He needs to hear the thoughts of the people, and consider that when proposing legislation. Obama won the presidency because he promised he would listen to the people. He has to do that to stay in the White House.

Despite the Tea Party Movement (another ploy by the Republican party), low approval ratings, and a health care bill that the majority of this country loathes; it is not over for President Obama. Anyone that fails to believe that the same man that put on one the most brilliant presidential campaigns can’t bounce back from the administration’s current demise is clearly an idiot. It is not wise to count the President out just yet. The truth is, Obama has almost two years to switch the message, tackle jobs, and handle health care. If he can get his party in line, he will be a hard opponent to battle in 2012. And by the looks of things, he is already attempting to switch the tone of his administration. It will be interesting to see what he can do in the remainder of the first term.

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