Keiarna Stewart Returning for Season 9 of RHOP Despite Past Reports?

Kiearna Stewart RHOP Season 9
Photo Credit: Bravo TV

Keiarna Stewart receives a contract for Season 9 despite rumors about her not returning?

Real Housewives of Potomac” fans had plenty to say about the most recent season. Many believed colorism was at play. They feel like Wendy Osefo and Candiace Dillard Bassett were held to different standards from their light-skinned counterparts. So these fans were outraged by Gizelle Bryant blaming Candiace, Wendy, and Keiarna Stewart for the fashion show brawl.

As we reported, Ashley Darby invited her friend Deborah Williams to the event despite her past issues with Wendy and Candiace. Deborah accused Chris Bassett and Eddie Osefo of acting flirty with her. However, producers couldn’t locate any footage to back this up. In response, Candiace nicknamed Deborah “Sesame Street.” And Deborah said she had smoke for Candiace the next time they saw each other in an Instagram post.

Regardless, Ashley didn’t receive any blame for the altercation. Mia Thornton was able to convince Gizelle that Wendy had nothing to do with the fight but Candiace was told her mouth was the issue. Of course, this was another moment that came up during the colorism conversation fans partook in on social media.

Since the conclusion of the Season 8 reunion, Candiace and Robyn Dixon announced their departures. Robyn was fired, while Candiace opted out to focus on her pregnancy. It was also rumored that Nneka Ihim and Keiarna are out as well. Interestingly enough, it’s now being reported that there’s been a change of plans. According to TV Deets, Keiarna has now secured a contract for Season 9. While it is unclear if she’ll remain in the friend role or be bumped up to a full-time housewife, this news comes as Wendy’s supporters worried she wouldn’t have a real ally amid Candiace’s absence.

Mia Thornton, Karen Huger, Gizelle, and Ashley are all rumored to be returning along with Wendy and Keiarna.


  1. They need to 🔴 playing in our faces,they should have gave her a contract when everyone else got theirs.I think she did a great job she had the BRUISES to prove it.

  2. She should have gotten one. She was actually a better fit than Nneka, who should have been a friend. Keiarna worked well with all the ladies with causing issues.

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