“King Uncaged” Is Compared To Classic Hip-Hop Album “All Eyez On Me”

T.I. says that new album is comparable to Tupac’s “All Eyez On Me”

By: Taren Vaughan

Now we all know that Clifford “T.I.” Harris is one of the best rappers out today. His albums are always filled with hardcore lyrics that hold a lot of truth behind them. But is the content level of his songs comparable to that of the late Tupac Shakur?

According to the Atlanta native, his upcoming album “King Uncaged” will be similar to Tupac’s “All Eyez On Me” which was released after Tupac served jail time. Here is what Tip had to say about his new album:

“Some songs talk about my time in prison — how I was affected by that, the way I’ve grown from that, things I see now that I may have not seen then. Sometimes I talk about love, some songs I talk about life, some songs I talk about me being the s— on every level.”

To compare your album to any Tupac album is major. So I think it’s safe to say that we will be impressed with “King Uncaged” if it is anything like “All Eyez On Me”. “All Eyez On Me” featured hits like “How Do You Want It”, “2 Of Amerikaz Most Wanted” and “All About U”.

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