Former LAMH Producer Denies Betraying Destiny Payton by Marrying Ex-Boyfriend

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Former LAMH producer responds to messy accusations made by Destiny Payton.

Love & Marriage: Huntsville” star Destiny Payton has returned to the show for the upcoming episodes. While Destiny was let go for not sharing enough about her personal life, she has a lot to share now. Months ago, Destiny made some controversial accusations during an interview. She alleged that the former field producer assigned to her (Sunni Minx) recently married her ex-boyfriend (Moses Monroe). She claimed the situation bothered her because she confided in Sunni and discussed the relationship with her. So the point of Destiny returning to LAMH was to confront Moses and Sunni. Interestingly enough, the couple addressed the situation during a radio interview.

When a 100.3 The Beat host asked Sunni if she was friends with Destiny at one point, Sunni denied that they were ever friends.

“No. It was like a work associate. I was just getting to know her in terms of that. And I was really just doing my job. I was a good producer. They all liked me because I was easy to talk to. They felt like they were talking to one of their homegirls. So I think for her the line got blurred because my job is to make you tell me stuff. And to seem like I’m friendly.”

The radio host then asked, “So you could put together the storyline?”

Sunni answered, “Yeah.”

After the host questioned if it’s likely that Destiny thought Sunni may have used the information from their past conversations to pursue Moses, she denied doing this.

“No, because she really didn’t talk about him like that. He never even really showed up for her on camera. So he was like a mystery man to everybody, even me and the audience.”

Sunni and Moses confirmed they met through Destiny. But they didn’t begin dating until a year later. They are both from St. Louis. So they ran back into each other in their hometown. Sunni doesn’t believe she backstabbed Destiny because she never considered her a friend.


  1. I still think the situation is messy and these producers lack professionalism. But I don’t have much sympathy for Destiny either.

  2. SO the job of a “producer” is to fake friendships to get a story line? What was Sunni doing while Destiny was confiding in her? Destiny is a smart woman, I find it hard to believe that the lines got blurred. Sunni spent a lot of time with Destiny and acted like she was her friend, Destiny confided in Sunni. Sunni and Moses met by way of Destiny but Sunni said this mystery man didn’t show up much for her on camera. Apparently, he was around enough for the two of them to get close. I find it hard to believe that they just “ran into each other” in their hometown. Some things are/should be off limits. Sunni was her producer and now you are married to her ex-mystery man. Smells like back stabbing to me. Karma is real and patient.


  3. Karma is a real. This young lady lacks professionalism and zero moral ethics or character. She wanted to be on the show not produce it. Relationship is doomed for failure. I tend to believe Destiny. When reality bumps into real life it always crashes.

  4. Sunni…got a dark soul. Even not hearing everything.. She can’t justify her being that close to destiny and then marrying her Boo.She foul! Destiny didn’t deserve that. The Ex and Ex Sunni is dirty duos. Period……

  5. Did anyone hear Destiny confiding to this woman or is everyone just taking the one side(Destiny”s). Even if it did go down as Destiny is saying, if this man switched that fast to another woman due to her” confiding”, he didnt want her to begin with. I believe her marriage was short lived and this relationship seems to be as well; it’s starting to look like maybe Destiny needs to take a look at herself and stop blaming other people because she keeps losing her men. They could have just left her off the show for this storyline. She came back with the same stank attitude she had when she left. She was fired for not sharing, now she has a diarrhetic mouth and trying to play victim. She is talking loud and saying nothing. Who cares.

  6. We met Destiny as a newly married, pregnant and newly divorced. That’s a lot to be filmed with someone going through those emotional extremes. And not to mention an Ex-husband who didn’t want to be filmed. Now all of a sudden, new wife and he can be filmed now? Smells fishy. On top of which Destiny said Sunni said Moses was her cousin or something. Whether I like Destiny or not, the whole idea of a show producer pretending friendship, coolness or whatever…takes reality to another fakeass level. Trifling.

    1. I think you are misunderstanding Destiny was never married to Moses he was just a boyfriend,. Her ex-husband who did not want to film with her was LaBerrick. Two different people.

  7. The producer does not sound like a professional. She has managed to get on the show instead of producing. “FAKE

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