Get The Look: Cheeks That Glow

Use the right blush type to make your cheeks pop.

By: Amanda Anderson

Rather you are a beauty queen or casual make-up freak, I am sure you understand the importance of a great set of cheeks when it comes to your beauty regime. The right shade of blush does depend on your natural and beautiful skin tone, but every belle no matter her shade can tremendously benefit from cheeks that glow. There may be many cosmetic brands to choose from while in search for that one perfect blush, but there are some general things to keep in mind while shopping for the one that will work best for you.

There are 3 major types of blush available at most cosmetic departments. The most popular type is the blush in powder form, gel blushes, and cream based blush.

Powder blush is the most versatile of all the blushes since it looks great on all skin types. With powder blush, the best method of application is by using a full blush. Those that have oily skin or a combination of oily and normal skin will benefit the most from powder blush. Available from just about every cosmetic line, powder blush also comes in a large variety of shades.

Gel blushes are the least popular. One reason they aren’t a favorite for beauty addicts is because they are extremely hard to blend. Since they aren’t necessarily a favorite, they are not as easy to find or as diverse as powder blushes.

And then you have the cream blushes. Just like gel blushes, cream blushes are a little more difficult to blend and also have a tendency to smear. While it’s easier to get a glow from cream blush, those with oily skin should stay far away from this blush type. Those with oily skin will experience break outs from using this blush type. If you have normal skin, this blush will work great for you. The best way to apply cream blush is to use your fingers (tips of the second and middle fingers) or a sponge.

When it comes to skin tones, there are a couple of rules you should adhere to when selecting colors.

Belles with darker tones should stick to the burgundies and beautiful browns. Lighter complexion belles should opt for peachy tones, pinks, and coral tones.

As always, while you are on the hunt for blush, be sure to check the blush color by applying blush to the back of your hand. By doing so, you will get a pretty accurate visual of how the blush will look on your cheeks. Use the aforementioned colors as a guide to picking shades that work harmoniously with your skin tone, and be sure to go with a cosmetics brand that you trust.

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