Outkast’s Big Boi Says VH1 Didn’t Snub Outkast For Hip-Hop Honors

Big Boi says Outkast wasn’t duped by VH1.

By: Amanda Anderson

When you think about real Dirty South rap, you can’t even speak on it without mentioning the specific Southern legends like Outkast, Goodie Mob, Eightball & MJG, and 2 Live Crew. While the South may get flack for being responsible for gimmicky artists like Souljah Boy and his thousands of clones who have no real rap skills or any business near a mic, the original Southern rappers have paved the way for some of the South’s heavyweights that are blowing up the charts today.

Every year, VH1 honors Hip-Hop artists that have made huge contributions to the rap game at Hip Hop Honors. The show recently focused on to the pioneers of the Dirty South Hip-Hop scene, but many were furious to discover that Outkast was not there to receive their much deserved recognition.

Big Boi decided to let the fans know that they weren’t duped by VH1.

In a recent interview, Big Boi said on Hip-Hop Honors:

“That s— weak as f—. man. The reason OutKast has not been honored on the VH1 Hip Hop Honors is because we have not wanted to participate in that yet. The first two times, I think our schedule’s busy, but after that, it just seems like a going away party, almost like a funeral.

We still here we still in the studio, we still out here in the trunk, baby. To all the people out there, don’t get mad because they have asked us, but just, on our side, we just aint ready for that right now. We workin’ on albums right now, we gonna let everybody else do that, but it’ll be good. They aint overlook us, we just ain’t doin’ it.”

In related news, Big Boi is scheduled to drop another solo album entitled ‘Sir Luscious Left Foot: The Son of Chico Dusty’ which drops July 6.

Catch VH1’s Hip-Hop Honors on July 7.


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