Relax, Release And Let God

Knowing when it’s time to turn it all over to God

By: Taren Vaughan

Sometimes we find ourselves in the position where we try to change the outcome of a situation. We try so hard to make those relationships work with our significant others. Or we are so hard pressed to get someone to change their ways and become a better person. Whatever the case may be, we ourselves try to take control of the matter. When we do this, it can be very stressful and cause us a lot of emotional distress. No matter how hard we try, it gets to the point where we have to be accepting of the situation. Some things are not going to work out the way that we hoped they would. It has become such a struggle to hold on to the situation but it just doesn’t seem to be improving. This is when we must give it all over to God.

It can be such a hard thing to do because in our minds we sometimes think we can fix a situation by ourselves. It’s just not possible to do that. Letting go of a situation and letting God completely take over is one of the best things you can do for yourself. It’s okay to let God take over the wheel; it’s time for you to become the passenger now. Giving everything over to God will lead you to be at peace with whatever it is that you are fighting yourself about.

It’s not like you are giving up on your situation. It’s more like you are letting the expert (God) take control. You have to realize when it’s time to step back and let God handle it. Everything will work itself out, not necessarily how you desired it to but how it needs to be. Release it and hand it over to God. And have faith that He will lead you in the right direction.

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