The Crimson Tide Triumph Without Mark Ingram

By: Taren Vaughan

Missing Heisman Trophy winner Mark Ingram did not stop Alabama from pulling out a win against San Jose State this past Saturday. Trent Richardson filled in for Ingram in the Crimson Tide’s season opener. Wondering how he did? Let’s just say that you could have mistaken him for Ingram out on the field because he was on fire.

Richardson ran for 66 yards and two touchdowns and had three catches for 46 yards. He also ignited a number of key plays during the game. Not bad at all for someone filling the shoes of a Heisman Trophy winner. He was not the only one who got to get some quality PT. Tide’s Eddie Lacy and Demetrius Goode showcased their talents as well. Lacy ran for 111 yards, scoring two touchdowns while third string running back Goode ran for a total of 66 yards during his time on the field.

Defensive end Marcell Dareus was also missing in action for being “too friendly” with agents, something that has become the “it thing” to do for college athletes this season. Alabama’s Julio Jones said that the team was not flustered about playing without two of their stars:

“It ain’t a distraction unless you let it be a distraction,” “We’ve got to stay level-headed.

From the look of things, Jones was correct with his statement. The Crimson Tide appeared to be more motivated than scared. And with the way Trent Richardson performed last night, Mark Ingram can take all the time he needs to rest that knee of his. Alabama went on to win against the Spartans 48-3, serving up one of the many college football massacres that took place on Saturday night. Over 100,000 Alabama fans attended the game. It’s safe to say that they got their money’s worth.

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