Sheer Coincidence Or All God’s Doing?

Is it all just a coincidence or simply God’s doing?

By: Taren Vaughan

At times, it may seem like you just so happened to be in the right place at the right time. Your string of good luck simply appeared out of nowhere. Everything imaginable is going right for you. Even the things that once seemed so out of your reach are falling into place for you. To you, it may be just a coincidence that these great happenings are occurring in your life. But the truth is it’s all apart of God’s plan. Your “good luck” is all a result of His doing.

Even in the most random situations that we find ourselves in, it’s not by luck at all. Do you think that it was merely good luck that you became acquainted with a person that could help you get a job? And it was just a coincidence that you were provided with the money to pay for that new house of yours? We don’t just end up in these positions. Think about it for a second. Didn’t something have to occur to lead you to that particular place? God is the one responsible for these things that happen. And the way that they happen is all up to how He sees fit.

Things occur in our lives that are somewhat unexplainable. They just seem to happen when we least expect it and as a result of no doing of our own. But you have to remember that God has control over everything that happens to us. All of the good things that happen, as random as they may seem, are powered by the Almighty. With that being said, is there really such thing as sheer coincidence? Or does God deserve all the credit for everything? After all, what the first thing that comes out of your mouth when something surprisingly good happens to you?

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  1. I call these events "guided coincidences". At first glance they seem like a coincidence, but I believe they are actually guided by God. In contrast, I am willing to allow each person to choose their own higher being or source and I believe we're not puppets on a string. Our prayers in asking, allowing and showing appreciation for what we have can impact our outcome, too.

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