Officer Jeri Williams Named First Black Female Police Chief In Oxnard History

By: Taren Vaughan

Being a police officer is one the noblest professions that there is to have. Aside from all the hard work that they do for the cities and counties that they reside in, police officers take great pride in the things that they do both in their careers and concerning their families. They do much more than just lead a life of crime fighting and making it their duty to protect law abiding citizens. Now they are making history in the sunny state of California.

Officer Jeri Williams has not only done an outstanding job as a police officer and chief, she has made history becoming the first African American to be named police chief during her years with Phoenix’s police department. As her election was historical, her job performance however was just as memorable as she was given the chance to serve as Commander and Assistant Chief during her time with the Phoenix Arizona Police Department.

Many in Phoenix have spoken highly of Williams and what she has done for the communities that she has been involved with. And know first hand what kind of impact she can have in Oxnard. Becoming the first black police chief is one thing. But how about becoming the first female one too?

Oxnard, California’s selection of the 44-year old as police chief has made her the city’s first black and first woman to serve in this position. From what he knows and observed of Williams, City Manager Ed Sotelo is very confident in her ability to do a superb job:

“I know that Jeri Williams is exceptionally qualified for the position and is the best fit for our city,”

“Jeri brings with her extensive community policing experience, which will serve to complement and enhance our city’s efforts in that area dating back to 1990.”

It’s obvious that Williams takes great pride and seriousness in her duties as a member of law enforcement. But her scholastic achievements are just as important to her. She received her both her bachelors and masters degrees and is currently working towards getting her doctorate at Northern Arizona University. Being an overachiever seems to be second nature for her. As a member of the police force in Phoenix, Arizona, Williams was the constantly praised for her work efforts and I’m sure the same will happen for her in Oxnard.

To whoever said fighting crime was a “man thing” must not know a woman by the name of Jeri Williams. This lady cop right here is one belle who is most definitely about her business. Officer Williams will be replacing Police Chief John Crombach who announced his retirement earlier this year. Now this is who we should be encouraging our young black girls to be like…A person of change and determination.

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