Beauty Secrets: “How Do I Get More Out of My Mascara?”

Your beauty questions answered.

By: Amanda Anderson

Q. I’m not the most makeup savvy person. But I have had the worst luck with false eyelashes. I just can’t seem to make them stay on or they are just so uncomfortable to wear. So I’ve decided to give mascara a go, and find one that works great on my natural lashes. This has been a chore. I’ve tried so many of them, but they really aren’t dramatic enough. I mean my eyelashes look better with mascara, but I miss the drama of false eyelashes. What do you suggest I do to get the most out of my natural lashes with the latest mascara brands? – Kelly W.
A. Kelly, eyelashes are truly one of a girl’s greatest accessories. Unfortunately, taming them is frankly one of the most frustrating things for any woman hoping to rock her natural lashes. But don’t worry, there are ways around the difficulties. 
Here’s what I’ve discovered in the battle for perfect natural eyelashes:
1. Eyelash curlers are essential, and necessary in taming wild eyelashes. Apply a little heat to get a lasting curl.
2. It’s better to use two different mascaras. One strictly for volume, and one strictly for lengthening. Use the lengthening mascara first, and finish up with the voluming mascara. The results will amaze you.
My favorite combo is LashBlast Fusion (volume) and Maybelline Lash Stiletto (lengthening). Now I am not a fan of Lash Stiletto by itself, but when I use it with LashBlast Fusion, I love my eyelashes. They are gorgeous, long, and voluminous when I pair these two mascaras. 
Mascara pairing is the best kept secret to amazing natural eye lashes since it’s hard to find a mascara that can perfectly lengthen and add volume.
3. Baby your lashes, and be sure to wash the mascara off your lashes before sleeping. Overnight wear of mascara causes irritated lashes, and loss.
4. Use a smooth black eyeliner to add the illusion of thickness to your lashes. My absolute favorite is the Covergirl Queen Collection Mechanical Pencil. 
Try these methods, and your lashes will be tamed. 
Stay fabulous! 

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