Dumb Phrases You Need to Stop Saying: Black Women Can’t Grow Long Hair!

How is one race biologically unable to grow hair? How absurd.

By: Amanda Anderson
When it comes to beauty, why are black women always so low on the totem pole? I mean seriously, why is it our features that are considered the least attractive and why must the media continue to send subliminal messages that African American women are not only the least desired when it comes to marriage, but unless we have some hint of biracial in our features, we’re not even worth mentioning in the world of beauty and fashion? Sure, we’ve made moves and made plenty of noise by creating our own beauty blogs and launching a natural hair movement that is showing America that natural hair is indeed fabulous and we’ve got the confidence to rock it, but all of that is negated when it’s in our very own communities that we can find some of the most evident traces of ignorance, and even self hate. Yes, I’m talking about the sisters spreading false information on what my locks can achieve, and quite frankly, I’m just about sick of hearing this:

“Black women have to wear weaves and wigs because we just cannot grow our hair like that.”

Have ya’ll lost your damn minds? Are you really going to speak for every black woman because you have no clue in hell on how to properly take care of your hair?
Let’s nip this ignorance in the bud right now, because I’m about tired of people walking up to me and my natural sisters accusing us of wearing wigs because some silly black women are running around false claiming what we can and can’t achieve in length.
Yes my dear, black women can grow a healthy head of full, luscious, long, thick hair like no one’s business. And are we special or some exception to some rule? No! We just put in the time to learn our hair, and stay away from the things that damage it.
For one thing, I’m not sure who created this notion that weave is a protective hairstlyle, and the key to growing thick healthy hair.
Think about it. How is it good for your hair to be tightly conrowed and stitched on to attach weave? 
What the hell is so beneficial about weave glue, and just why on earth would your scalp appreciate being smothered under a wig 95% of the time?
And have you taken a long look at those cheap ass ingredients in most of the black hair products on the market? I mean seriously, rather it’s pink, yellow, green, or blue gloop…it’s still goop.
If natural hair has taught me anything, it’s that so many of us are uneducated when it comes to taking good care of our hair. We as a whole apply too much heat, apply to many chemicals to the point that we’ve lost our thick goodness and have to give up relaxers just to get it back, and we’re rocking weaves/wigs like they are supposed to be protecting our tresses, when they haven’t managed to help anyone grow some strong, thick hair.
When I had weaves and wore wigs, sure my hair grew, but it was thin and unhealthy. As a reuslt, it broke off, and didn’t acheive it’s length potential.
I forsaked the relaxer, cut off my permed ends; and in 14 months, I had hair past my shoulders. That wasn’t possible when I was relaxing and not taking care of my hair. 
So can black women grow long, beautiful hair? Of course we can. To say otherwise is to be a damn fool.
It’s just about using less heat, less manipulation, and using products with a better set of ingredients. And there are some naturals out here that have a head of damaged hair too, so don’t feel like I’m just calling out my relaxed sisters, because I’ve got plenty of blame to pass around on both ends.
If you want your hair to grow long and healthy, take a long look at your regime. If it’s mostly weaves, wigs, heat, manipulation, and crappy hair products; you can’t be surprised it doesn’t grow too much. And this isn’t a race thing, it’s a knowledge thing. Those that know more have longer and healthier hair. 
So do your research, and learn what your hair really needs. 


  1. This is very true, I have invested more money in weaves, braids, and relaxers until I became frustrated with the thinning and shedding of my hair. I have been natural for 10 months and decided to not even wear braids to get it to grow even more. I feel great and have been getting alot of compliments. I blocked out the opinions of others and did the chop and it is looking good with almost 5 inches in length. Natural is the way to go and knowledge is power.

  2. I completely agree! I have actually had to have this conversation with blacks and non-blacks lately. Even when their hair is natural some still feel that they have to have a blow-out. Relaxer or flat iron it can all damage black hair. I am not against weaves, relaxers, or blow-outs but everything should be done in moderation and with care. Good hair is healthy hair. Bad hair is unhealthy hair. Texture is irrelevant. The more you care for your hair the longer and thicker it will grow!

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