The Final Say So: It Is All Left Up To God

Despite what anyone else says, God is the one who has the final say so in the longevity of our lives.

By: Taren Vaughan

Often times, we are convinced that the final say so in someone’s life is left in the hands of the people who are down here on Earth with us. We rely heavily on their opinions and allow them to dictate how certain situations in our lives will turn out. And all of their facts are based on what a series of test results tells them about a person’s physical condition. It’s centered on the knowledge that they obtained while in school and determines what kind of outcome they think the person’s life will have.

So because these individuals spent so many years becoming educated on these things and can detect when a person’s life is in grave danger or nearing its final stages, they know for sure when there is no hope? Is their prediction what we have to go off of? It is when you don’t believe in the power of Our Creator.

No disrespect at all to the physicians of the world but they don’t have the same kind of vision and outlook that God has. The knowledge and power that He has surpasses that of any health care professional out there. Even when a doctor comes into the hospital room and tells you and your family that your chances of surviving are minimal and they have done all that they can possibly do for you, remember who has the final say so over everything.

Through all the things that we go through in life, God is the one who controls the very beginning of them. He allows things to happen to us as we go through our individual walks with Him. But the most important thing is that He is the one responsible for how things end for us also. He is the one who determines how and when our lives will end.

There is no illness that God can’t cure. There is no wound that He can’t heal. The power that He possesses is endless and He can turn even the worst situation around; a situation that was deemed unfixable from the very start. So when you feel like giving up, you feel like praying is not the answer, think about the kind of God that you serve for He has the final say so in all that we do and all that we go through.

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