Dr. Phill calls Terrell Owens a Deadbeat Dad (Video)

Terrell Owens’ is arguably a Hall-of-Hamer in the National Football League but he definitely is not a pro in the father department.

By: A.J. Niles

Dr. Phil took the time to blitz Terrell Owens and the four mothers of his four children on his nationally-syndicated television show today. Dr. Phil did not take it easy on his baby mothers either, chastising them for not taking better precautions as to not create the situation that they all are in.

From the USA Today,

To the three mothers he says: “If you do anything aggressively or passive aggressively . . . to block his relationship with his children . . . trust me, the day will come when it will bite you in an ugly, ugly way.”

And to all of them, Dr. Phil admonishes that “you can’t get blood from a turnip” and that: “You guys need to stop these hostilities, because it’s your child who’s picking up the tab for that.”

Terrell Owens, 38, was sued by three of the women in late 2011 for $35,000 in back child support. He appealed to the judge that he is no longer able to afford the high child support payments since he is struggling to find a NFL team to sign him as a Wide Receiver.

From the Christian Post,

The six-time pro bowler recently sold one of his properties, a Dallas condo, for $350,000 less than the $1.95 million he paid for it. TMZ reported that the football star also lost $56,000 on another property last month.

The unemployed football star is currently mandated to pay $11,202 a month for his 11-year-old son, $15,000 a month for his 7-year-old daughter, $13,400 per month for his five-year-old son and $5,000 per month for another daughter, TMZ reported. However, the payments were created based off of his 2007 income, which he no longer makes.

Check out clips of the Dr. Phil episode below and let us know how you feel about Terrell Owens’ ability to be a great father for his children.



  1. He has a boatload of kids he can’t pay for because he never learned how to act like a man and not a sex obsessed animal. The sad thing is women will bore children for these kinds of men to avoid working a job. Sad.

  2. I wonder how much TO got paid to jiggaboo on Dr. Phil. Thanks for being the stereotypical black man with several kids by several different women TO.

  3. Am I surprised? No. Am I sympathetic? To a point. It’s hard to fault a man who never knew how to be a man. It’s a constant cycle. I pray that he realizes that he has to grow up. He blew his money, there’s nothing he can do about that now. It’s after the fact. What men need to realize is that money doesn’t substitute for being in a child’s life. Be there for your child. Child support is so much more than money. You have to spend time with your child and be there for them growing up. Dr. Phil was right about how important a father is to a daughter & son. It’s not too late. I don’t know if the mothers are open to working with him on the financials but I pray that they will all work something out where he can actually be an active father instead of an absent father. *steps off soapbox*

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