El Debarge Says 50 Cent Kept Him from Drug Relapse

During an interview with V-103 FM’s Ryan Cameron, El Debarge said 50 Cent and Babyface

helped him from relapsing

By: A.J. Niles

R&B Star El Debarge possesses a long-standing history with drug use. Fortunately, he found help to finally place his drug demons behind him and get his long and storied musical career back on track. This help came in the forms of 50 Cent and Babyface.

El Debarge’s long standing drug history includes a recent drug charge where he was arrested in L.A. for drug possession this past march.

During an interview with V-103’s Ryan Cameron, which El Debarge was promoting a future performance in Atlanta, he said,

“I started getting these thoughts, and I called 50 cent up, and I said, ‘You gotta help me…I’m already on my way to doing something wrong.’ So 50 came like five cars deep, picked me up right from where I was, got me outta there, they met up with Babyface, they took me into Interscope, we all had a meeting, and they said, ‘Man why don’t you just go to rehab.’”

El Debarge also spoke to Ryan about his recent meeting with Whitney Houston before her untimely passing.

“She said ‘I need you, I wanna finish my album, I want you to sing with me.’ I was just happy that she embraced me like that. I wanted to do something [with her], but the next thing I know, she was gone.”

It’s good to see El Debarge getting back on his feet. I hope he can stay clean and out of trouble. He has a very unique voice and hopefully his career can reach levels he has not seen since the 1980’s, when he released his biggest hit “Heat of the Night”.

Check out the clip of the interview and let us know your thoughts of 50 Cent and Babyface helping El Debarge stay clean.




  1. This whole story is just weird to me. I’m not saying 50 isn’t capable of doing something like this but he just comes off like a selfish bastard most of the time. I guess it’s because he feels the need to be such an industry bully.

  2. That’s very commendable of 50. But I have a feeling it’s only a matter of time before El slips up again. He comes from a family full of issues and he never got the emotional help he needed to overcome those memories.

  3. I feel bad for El because he has so much talent that never really materialized due to drugs and a dysfunctional family. A drug problem is hard to break but it’s even harder when you have a past that eats at you constantly.

  4. Lies, Debarge has relapsed several times in the last year. Ask him what happened during the meeting w/ 50 and Babyface…………….

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