Mase Headed Back To The Rap Game….Again?!

Rapper turned preacher is about to go back to rapping again, claiming that he should have never left it. Is he doing too much?

By: Taren Vaughan

Dancing alongside Diddy in shiny suits and steadily flashing his boyish smile, Mase was one of the most popular artists Bad Boy had to offer, aside from the late great Christopher Wallace. Seeing much success as a member of Puff’s camp, the Harlem-raised rap star delivered hits like Feel So Good and had people mimicking his two step move. The instant fame and fortune that he saw was what most artists hope for. But it all led him to seek a higher calling.

Hanging up his Bad Boy jersey for a robe and the Bible, Mase announced to the Hip-Hop community that he had retired from the rap game to preach the word of God.

Believable it was not until we saw this:

Hmm, still weren’t quite sold on the idea even with the suit and Bible in hand, especially since he didn’t stay gone but for so long.

Even after becoming a pastor, Mase just couldn’t say no to his rap roots as he re-entered the music industry, dropping Welcome Back, in light of his return.

Sideways looks, chuckles and heavy criticism definitely came shortly after this announcement dropped.

In an interview that he did with TBN, Mase agreed that it was a sudden change, especially considering the image that he portrayed:

“I went so hard in one direction that people had things to say and rightfully so,”

“I didn’t give myself any room to grow, I went from one extreme to another extreme, I was just so gung ho about what I was learning, that’s all I wanted.

Just because he is stepping into an arena filled with secular music doesn’t mean that he will become a certified heathen. And to ensure that this doesn’t happen to him, he has asked his congregation to pray for him on his journey, one that will be full of temptation and might cause him to backslide. And even his church members have their reservations about it:

 “Why is it Christians are more confident in the Devil taking me more than Christ keeping me,” “What I have inside of me is more powerful than anything the world could ever offer me.”

Not questioning his faith in God of course, but I was never totally sold on the thought of Mase preaching from a pulpit.

Should he just stick to preaching instead of hopping in and out of the rap game to satisfy his urges?

Mase was set to perform at Summer Jam 2012 along with a list full of talent.

Is it just me or is this year’s Summer Jam becoming everyone’s shot at a solid comeback?


  1. Oh wow this is crazy because I was listening to his stuff the other day. Mase is kind of slept on somewhat but he had a dope flow that kind of rivaled BIG’s. The whole pastor thing and tranny situation makes it harder for me to get back to the music though if he does really return.

    1. Yeah the tranny thing makes it hard for me to take him seriously as a rapper. Such a shame because he was so fine when I was young. I used to love me some Mase. But he loves Trannies. LMBO!!!!!!

  2. I have always liked Mase from his Bad Boy record days. He is definitely a talented artist. Returning to the rap game is a good idea because it creates a new platform for him to spread the gospel to a lost generation. There are Christian rap artists around, but of course you don’t hear a lot about them. If he’s planning to do secular music, its not going to work with him being a pastor and all. As long as he keeps it real, while reppin Christ, he’s got my support.

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