Nicki Minaj Faces Funkmaster Flex in Interview After Summer Jam Beef (Video)

Nicki Minaj and Funkmaster Flex duke it out over the Summer Jam fiasco that caused Nicki Minaj to pull out of the show at last minute.

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

Fresh from the Summer Jam beef over at Hot 97, Nicki Minaj is still having to explain a decision that has left many of her fans disappointed and angry. After Lil’ Wayne shot down a YMCMB appearance at the radio’s annual and widely known concert due to disrespectful remarks made by a notable DJ; the social network has been buzzing with who’s Team Nicki and who’s Team Hot 97. And the division is bigger than Barbies and old Hip Hop heads who have already pledged allegiance to Lil’ Kim, the Queen B of Hip Hop.

When Funkmaster Flex took to the stage during the Summer Jam and took shots at Nicki for her last minute withdraw from the roster, the internet went crazy; only increasing the animosity between Hot 97 and YMCMB.

Eventually, Funkmaster Flex calmed down and reached out to Nicki for an interview, so both sides could clear up what happened on the day that has placed an entire radio station in an unfavorable light by supporters and members of Nicki’s incredibly large fan base.

The interview started off intense, but eventually genuine answers were given from both sides. Highlights from the interview includes Nicki shutting down any rumors that she did not show up out of fear of being approached by a nemesis, and Funkmaster Flex revealing that is not scared of Lil’ Wayne and has no problem admitting that Wayne made a bad call in stripping the show of his artists.

With so many different theories as to why the show really went down, based off this interview, is it a clearer picture of who was really in the wrong?

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Peep the interview in its entirety in the video below:


  1. I heard some of this last night. Nicki kind of won me over in this interview. She def held her own and I can respect that.

  2. I’m still Team Kim always, but I have to ride with Nicki on this one. It wasn’t cool for DJs to take shots at the headlining act. Nicki is making the music she had to make to be successful and hip hop ain’t paying the bills like it used to.

  3. Everybody’s wrong here. The remark shouldn’t have been made, and Nicki should have still performed in my opinion. She needs to toughen up though.

  4. Definitely with Nicki on this one. The tried to play her before she hit the stage and she was the one that brought out most of the people there. You can’t do that despite how you may feel about an artist.

  5. ” I am not scared of any b-tch! I get money!” LMBO best part of the whole interview! This is why I heart this bish! I am glad she didn’t go through with the performance. You have to command respect in the business, especially as a woman.

  6. Can’t really rock with Hot 97 on this one. It’s accepted that the artists take shots at each other on stage, but a DJ? Nah son. That was wack and something females do.

    1. Big Fendi. He’s her former manager and gave her the big break that got her noticed by Lil’ Wayne. He put her on that Come Up DVD. Once she got on with Wayne, she eventually fired him and got another manager. They are saying he’s the one that told her to switch up her style, but I think that was Weezy and Baby. She was just a little hood chick before them, now she’s a bubblegum artist making that dough. You can currenlty catch him on Twitter going in on YMCMB.

      1. Righhtt! But Nicki doesn’t owe him a dayum thing! People change management all the time, especially when they get big time. She gave him his props, but she doesn’t owe him all the money he is seeking. Especially when there is no hint anywhere that he led her into the image she has now.

  7. I’m glad y’all put this up. I will have to listen to the whole thing when I get home. I am old school and Team Queen B, but wrong is wrong. This should have never happened.

  8. As much as she has learn from Wayne ! Command sense has taught her that in life every1 is toning to like you. And people have they own opinion… And by the was she acting his point was proven. Because a real hip hop artist would go on and mash it up…

  9. I’m not a Nicki music fan. However, she is right and Flex doesn’t seem to get it, he is stuck on trying to defend his team. Everyone IS entitled to their opinion, but DO NOT book an artist that you obviously WANT to show up and diss her records then not understand why the artist cancels.

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