Does This Mean Chris Brown is Nervous About Album Sales And Needs Geography Courses?

By: A.J. Niles

Chris Brown is not to be pleased with the first week sales of his latest album “Fortune.” According to many news sources, his latest album Fortune is being projected to sell between 125,000 – 140,000 and debut at number one. For many artists in today’s current U.S. economy, they would be absolutely happy with their album selling these kinds of numbers. However for Chris Brown, he is not amused.

According to the music and entertainment website, Chris Brown’s last album Fame debuted at number one selling 270,000 in it’s debut week.

As much as Chris Brown’s name is always in some sort of blog post or articles, one cannot be surprised that he is not the most bit happy with the first week’s results for Fortune, especially since he has over 10 million followers on Twitter. #TeamBreezy as they are known as did not follow through with their support for Chris by buying the album. #TeamBreezy will be quick to jump on critics of Chris Brown and announce their support of him on Twitter, especially when something controversial happens like the Chris Brown Drake fight in New York City, but it’s safe to say that most of them will not support when it comes to buying albums.

The surprising and disappointing sales numbers made Chris Brown start a new trending topic on Twitter – #BuyFortune.

Chris Brown

This blatant U.S. Geography error and hilarious call to action by Chris led to thousands of tweets under the #BuyFortune trending topic. Many of #TeamBreezy retweeted Chris Brown and even tweeted pictures of his album he bought. There were critics, however, that tweeted hateful tweets, clowning this call to action by Chris.

We have no idea if this call to action will lead to a surge of sales in the upcoming weeks but two things are for sure; Chris Brown expects #TeamBreezy to put their money behind their support and there are only 50 states in the United States.


  1. Oh Chris. You might be a millionaire, but your Twitter account makes you look incredibly ignorant with each passing day. Please get it together my love. You’re better than this.

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