Stevie J. Doesn’t Love These Hoes and Baby Mamas

Stevie J and mimi

By: Taren Vaughan

Stevie J. and Eve may have ended on a rather scandalous note, but Mimi and Stevie J. have gotten ten times messier since Joseline Hernandez revealed that she was pregnant with Stevie J.’s baby on Episode 2 of Love And Hip Hop Atlanta. Even though Joseline had an abortion and Mimi and Stevie J. aren’t together anymore, Mimi is still holding on tight to her Ride or Die chick role as more dirt is continuing to be dished on her baby’s daddy who can’t seem keep his penis in pants to save his life.

Responsible for dishing the most info thus far, Joseline Hernandez has gone on several interviews, airing out all Stevie J.’s dirty laundry, the parts we didn’t pick up from the show, saying that Stevie has four baby mamas including Mimi. And of course, Mimi was pissed about Joseline running her mouth about what her and Stevie’s relationship and continues to take shots at Joseline for being a former stripper.

Stevie J and Eve

Mimi keeps throwing around the fact that Joseline was a stripper, which Joseline has no shame in announcing to the world; she supposedly was a prostitute as well down in Miami, Florida. Joseline has taken her shots at Mimi too, calling her out for being one of Ja Rule’s groupies…And all of this over Stevie J.?

Truth is Stevie J. could give a flying f—k about either one of them:

stevie j. and mimi

Mimi and Joseline stay busy arguing and going in on each other every chance they get over Stevie J., a man who supposedly is a walking STD and one that obviously doesn’t care about or has not an ounce of respect for them.



  1. You can tell he doesn’t care about any of these women by his behavior on the show. There wasn’t even a need to confirm it on Twitter.

  2. Welp..usually when a man is that reckless and can’t bring himself to care about any woman, it’s usually because he’s really checking for a man. So the question is, what man is he checking for? Someone in the industry perhaps?

  3. I won’t get on my high horse this morning because when you think about it, every woman has dated a Stevie J. before. We don’t like to admit it, but we have. The difference between smart women and the naive ones, is how long we stay. Yall know exactly what I’m talking about too.

  4. He needs to be saying “poof be gone” to all those STD’s he’s had over the years, yet he keeps saying it to a box of condoms. SAT DOWN.

    1. So true, I wonder why these women dont worry about if he has an STD. As much as they keep taking him back and defending him, they need to wonder, is he gonna spread something to me?

  5. Great! Just what was needed,, another black male who obviously hates and disrespects women for the whole world to watch his shenanigans.Did he use his power as Joselin’s boss to sexually harass her because she needs to know that is against the law if he hinders her career cause she gets tired of sleeping with him.
    They are both sad sacks. Mimi has too much class for them and these train wreckers. Hope Mimi finds a real man.

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