Did Erica Dixon Already Bounce Back From Lil Scrappy With A New Boyfriend?

Erica Dixon boyfriend

By: Taren Vaughan

Who’s Erica Dixon’s boyfriend?  Everyone wants to know if Erica Dixon  has a new boyfriend since she and Lil’ Scrappy are not together after it was revealed that Shay “Buckeey” Johnson was the one he was really checking for and trying to be with. After Momma Dee went in on Erica on Twitter for her missing emotions towards her son and how she and Buckeey were “bonding” with each other, it’s safe to say that Momma Dee is Team Buckeey. To make matters worse, the Lil’ Scrappy Erica child support drama shortly followed as Erica was debating whether or not to take him off child support, which sparked a Scrappy Twitter rant where he claimed that he was taken off because he was indeed taking care of their daughter Emani and even suggested that Erica was not the better parent like people assume she is. Despite this, Erica hasn’t let it slow her down when it comes to love, as it appears that Erica might have a new boyfriend.

Finding out about Lil’ Scrappy and Diamond dating hurt Erica as she previously said, the real low blow being that Scrap initially lied to her about the whole thing until it hit the Internet and the truth smacked her in the face. And I’m sure she was just a tad bit salty about discovering that Scrappy dissed her for a basic chick that his momma can’t get enough of. Buckeey may be proud to have Lil Scrappy as her boyfriend, Erica Dixon on the other hand is over it.

Despite how things are unfolding on the show, Erica is still getting much love from people who watch the show. And through a tweet where she responded to one of her followers, it sounds as if she has moved on from Scrappy and yes it does seem that Erica Dixon currently has a boyfriend. And it’s someone who really appreciates her:

 Erica Dixon boyfriend

Around the 4th of July, Erica tweeted about how happy she was that her boo was coming into town. And she wasn’t talking about Scrappy because he was in another state at that time. We assumed then it could be Erica’s new boyfriend, but she didn’t say much about it again until now.

We are glad to see that Erica Dixon’s boyfriend makes her happy and that she wasn’t pressed to wait for Scrappy to come back to her like he probably will do.

So is this Erica Dixon’s boyfriend?

Erica Dixon boyfriend


  1. Erica is so gorg!! And Buckeey’s old crusty a– stay on Twitter talking about her “haters.” But really, there ain’t sh-t to hate on because she looks bland as hell on the show. She needs all that weave, a–, and lots of makeup to even fake being pretty.

    1. i love erica and if he aint really takin care of his child like he should b then you damn right get keeeep his ass on child support. Hes livin the high life his daughter should b too…and as got buckey, chile boo….that b-tch mouth so ugly it dont make no sense and h-es like her only come round to try and make themselves relevant….i like erica- team erica rightchea

  2. Men like Lil Scrappy are some of the biggest idiots I’ve ever encountered. He’s dated Buckeey twice, and each time she wasn’t interested until he was relevant. The first time is after that very public break up with Diamond, and the second is after Lil Scrappy was chosen for this show. She’ll be out the door when she can find someone more relevant.

  3. Good for her. Just hope she doesn’t take Lil Scrappy back because we all know he’ll be back when no one cares about him again.

  4. Good. The way Scrappy keeps going in on her about this whole child support thing I really hope the show doesn’t make the relationship they have worse than what it was before. He seems real bitter on his Twitter account.

  5. Every time Scrappy or Ms.Dee or Bucky open their mouths they just make Erica look better. Screw him he does not need child support he needs a damn job and to get some common sense.

    P.S. Are you really pulling the “already” card on her. It’s been plenty of time since they broke up. Get it right It’s more like finally if any of that mess. The wording these gossip bloggers(especially urban gossip writers) use is so low sometimes. Any little thing they can do to insight some sort of extra negativity.

    1. Huh? Honestly, I used “Already” because I like the title word count to be at a certain number. It’s NOTHING deeper than that. And you come here regularly, so you should know by now that we have never dragged Erica. Ever. In fact, please find one article on here and even a tidbit in this one where we have been negative about Erica? I”m sure you’ll find nothing. And if you followed us on Twitter, you’d know we support her over women like Buckeey. And as far as us being negative, all we really do here is report the news and what’s being said in the streets. The only person we’ve ever shaded was Kim K, and I’m sure you agree that she was deserving. We appreciate you as a reader, but please don’t try to make us out to be something we are NOT. One thing I hate is how much readers and people who don’t even read our stuff ( but have opinions) try to tell us what we do, and they couldn’t be even more WRONG.

    2. @ Sad Sad Sad,

      So you’re going off of one word in the title to label an entire article and blogger as negative? Seriously? We can’t be reading the same blog. There was no shade whatsoever about Erica in the article, so what’s the problem? You might want to save your little rant for the “urban bloggers and writers” that are actually you know, negative! I just can’t with people today.

  6. Oh here we go. People taking these blogs too seriously, we come here to keep up with celebs and pass time at work. I love the blog and hope nobody takes “that comment” any further than it needs to be taken (Hater). It just ain’t that serious. We need a new post please!

    1. Chick was petty as hell, so I answered. I can’t stand when people leave comments like that. Everyone’s vibing, going in on Buckeey and joining in leaving good comments, and here Sad Sad Sad goes. Perfect name since her commentary on this article was sad. It was uncalled for. But you’re right. She ain’t that serious. Looks like there’s a new post anyway.

      1. Don’t make this a blog beef. She had a genuine concern and gave feedback. Don’t make people feel like they can’t leave genuine concerns. We’re not about that. So let’s all be respectful. Thanks.

  7. NO!!! Please don’t ruin the comment section of this blog yall. It’s not hundreds of comments, but they are real comments that I appreciate. It’s like one of the last ones left where there is no spam or racist, and ignorant comments. And I can’t stand to see people go back and fourth. Let’s drop it though because it was nothing but a misunderstanding. :-/

  8. What I’m hoping is that Erika and Scrappy both come to their senses because neither one is greater than the other when it comes to their daughter. It’s just being selfish and to grow apart with hatred. If both of them feels when seeing one another with another partner then someone needs to be the bigger person and man up because feelings are still there. Go to God and ask for help forget what everyone else says. Only God is in control and that’s why it got so ugly this far because both Erika and Scrappy are caring what everyone elses feelings are. Erika, Scrappy pay close attention to what you feel and ask yourself is it worth it starting all over again or is it worth healing your family? do the math, pay attention. Peace Out1

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