Chad Doesn’t Get Sex From Evelyn If He Doesn’t Score Touchdowns

chad and evelyn

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

Chad and Evelyn may now officially be husband and wife, but that hasn’t changed what is the weirdness of these two. While many originally believed (and still do) that Evelyn’s interest in Chad doesn’t go further than his professional football career, Evelyn stayed with Chad during his public unemployment phase. While he waited things out and looked for other teams to play for once he was dropped from the Patriots, that didn’t stop Evelyn from making jokes about it all on Twitter. The couple is anything but traditional, and Chad proved that when he made nontraditional requests for their wedding day. One of the most outrageous being that he wanted to be walked down the aisle during the ceremony. Regardless, the quirkiness must work for them since Evelyn and Chad are still making things work, despite a little drama from time to time.

Chad and Evelyn aren’t tight lipped about their sex life, as the couple has been known to give away some pretty private information regarding their bedroom antics in interviews. Not too long ago Evelyn admitted to their failed threesome, and even suggested that Chad isn’t as quirky as people imagine. Now it seems as if Chad is opening up, as he revealed during a recent taping of HBO’s Hardknocks that Evelyn won’t let him score if he doesn’t score on the field. And since last season was a dry one for Chad Johnson, who was then still going by Chad Ochocinco, Chad and Evelyn weren’t having much sex.

He says:

“I didn’t have sex the entire season last year because of my play. Well, when I scored a touchdown, well she allowed me to score. But after that I went back on cobweb mode.”

I honestly think Chad was joking, but knowing Chad and Evelyn, you just never know. Peep the video below.


  1. I think he’s joking too. Those two are too much of horny jack rabbits to restrict their sexual encounters to whether he scores or not. Shoot, he scored their first night really seeing each other. lol Who needs a touchdown?

  2. I guess. I will admit they are funny together, but I still don’t like Evelyn. I just can’t get past her grown a– tossing bottles at people’s heads for calling her the obvious.

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