Please Don’t Ask Mimi Where Stevie J. is, You Might Get Embarrassed

mimi faust twitter

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

We just love Twitter. Twitter is the one place that seems to be a favorite for celebrities to get totally ratchet and air out each others dirty laundry, especially when they run their own Twitter accounts and go rogue on their Publicist. It’s also perfect for throwing shade, and that isn’t restricted to celebrities. And unfortunately, Twitter has even become the certified stomping grounds for the stan wars, and even celebrities aren’t safe when it comes to a fan who’s desperate to defend their favorite artists’ honor. But when it comes to reality television, we’ve discovered that it’s one of the best places to see Love And Hip Hop Atlanta’s stars check their haters, kind of like Oprah checked hers in an epic fashion for coming at her wrong about her charity efforts and her concerns for black people.

Well I guess coming for Mimi Faust on Twitter isn’t the smartest thing to do if you aren’t prepared for a comeback. Especially since she’s probably sick and tired of people killing her mentions about her relationship with Stevie J. And after Stevie J. has been spotted around town and even photographed with Joseline numerous times throughout the season, many have pretty much harassed Mimi about her weak b-tch image.

But as humans, it’s only a matter of time before people snap…on Twitter. See how Mimi responded when a hater asked her where Stevie J. was:

mimi faust twitter beef

Hilarity. Oh and she still has a funny side too. Peep how she responded when a fan told her they loved the way she says b-tch:

mimi twitter

In related news, we’re still not sure if Mimi and Stevie J. are seriously over. But a little birdie did tell us that Stevie J. talked about a new chick at the Reunion. And we’re thinking it’s the new artist they introduced on the season finale.


  1. Real talk, I don’t know why so many females go in so hard on Mimi when most of them are mimi’s in their own lives! The situation may not be as extreme, but we’ve all stayed a little too long in a bad relationship. I’m glad she read that girl.

  2. LOL and that’s why people shouldn’t try to come after people they don’t know on Twitter. This needs to happen more often so people will start to lose that “behind a computer screen” courage.

  3. They stay in Mimi’s mentions, and she drags them daily. I’m just glad she at least pretended to walk away from Stevie on the last episode. He’s terrible. And kind of gross too.

    1. So true! I work at a major airport, and i see it everyday. People talk mad sh-t about a celeb and then be all up in their faces when they meet them. #sad

  4. And just like one of his tricks, Mimi isn’t permitted to know where Steve J. is, only that he’s making “that money.”

  5. Oh whatever. People go in on Mimi because she’s weak and stupid. She may have “wit” but she doesn’t have smarts when it comes to men.

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