Mimi’s Groupie Past Exposed Again, Claims Suggest She’s on Drugs Too

mimi faust usher groupie

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

Mimi Faust may now always be remembered as being one of the most naive woman on the planet to have put up with Stevie J.’s antics for 15 years to most people, but some remember Mimi before her loyalty to the producer. And those people continue to claim that despite the victim role they believe she plays on Love And Hip Hop Atlanta, Mimi has a past in the entertainment industry that makes it impossible for them to feel sorry for her. Mimi has already spoken out about her past alleged groupie behavior, as she had to explain why Joseline Hernandez referred to her as a Ja Rule groupie when the two got into a rather heated argument over Stevie J. While Mimi didn’t say much about her past relationship with Ja Rule, she did confirm that two had some type of relationship, and that she “knew him very well.” This only made the whispers get louder that keep claiming that Mimi was sleeping around with Ja Rule despite him being married.

Well now folks are saying Mimi not only messed around with Ja Rule while he was married, but Usher too, while he was married to Tameka Raymond. The same folks also claim that Mimi hangs around with other prominent groupie/baby mommas and has a reputation for using drugs.

Here’s the report from Mouth to Ears:

Mimi is friends with Sarah who has a baby by Diddy and Hannah from Grand Hustle. She used to always get invited out to parties because they knew she and her crew could get the party POPPIN! Usher and MiMi have had a side thing for 6 to 7 years. She was letting Usher smash while he was with Chilli and even while married to a pregnant Tameka. Mimi even knows that Tameka knew about the affair. If you pay attention to what Stevie says in Love and HipHop he told her on the finale ” I gave you a baby other n-ggas just toss you to the side” that was in reference to Usher. Her and her friends are also pill poppers.

Mouth To Ears made a reference to a statement Stevie J. made that means something a little different to us. We don’t know much about Mimi, but we did hear that Mimi got around in the Entertainment Industry. Stevie J. even says she still hangs around groupies. She might have been linked to Ja Rule and now allegedly Usher Raymond, but we did hear that Mimi partied a lot and most even know her from popping pills and dancing hard at the night clubs back in the day. They even said she had a little stint as a video chick. But we’re not sure how true all that it is.

For all we know, maybe someone’s salty about that little video she made and is seeking revenge through the blogs.


  1. Hmm…could be true considering Usher is a known man whore but the pills thing was the most interesting part to me. Say it ain’t so Mimi!

  2. Wait a minute. So Mimi used to creep with married men? I hope this is not true. Especially since she was trying to make Joseline seem like such a tramp. It takes a real tramp to sleep with a married man though. If this IS true, Stevie J. is her karma. LOL

  3. Stevie J. really talks to her like the scum underneath his shoes. It’s disgusting and I can’t keep feeling bad for her when she keeps going back to him. But it does seem like Stevie J. has confirmed that she’s a little on the loose side herself. They say you are who you date.

  4. She probably does pop pills and slept around back in the day. Hell, most celebs do drugs and sleep around, so why would the groupies be any different?

  5. I believe the video chick part her a– was on pharrell video frontin dancing right along with lauren london

  6. SMH, I hope none of this is true. She’s a mom and she can’t be doing these kinds of things. But hell, they said Stevie J. is on drugs too and I’ll be damned if he doesn’t act like it. Maybe they are on and off for all these years because they share the same habits (whoredom and drugs).

  7. She always came off like a groupie to me. Yeah she owns her own business or whatever, but she got her clientele through Stevie J. And she’s too loyal, and that’s groupie requirement number one.

  8. I don’t doubt this. I’ve made this comment/observation before and I’ll make it again. Mimi has been dealing with Stevie J and his antics for over 15 years and admitted last week that she had no intent or expectation of ever marrying him (or that it was “waaaaaay in the back of her mind somewhere). That says a lot about her AND her standards. God Bless her daughter.

  9. Mimi is a video chick, groupie, whore… she is on videos. Do the research. Just saw a ludacris video she is on…. she is such a hypocrit.

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