Jennifer Williams Twitter Beefs With Estranged Husband Eric Williams

jennifer williams twitter beef

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

A Jennifer Williams Twitter beef is usually rare. And that’s because the reality television star of Basketball Wives usually keeps it cute and classy on her Twitter account, despite the ongoing rumors of who she’s dating and her estranged husband Eric Williams’ despicable Twitter antics. Jennifer Williams usually dodges any Twitter beef, but every now and then she falls for the bait, and it’s usually at the hands of her former husband. Eric Williams is no stranger to blasting Jennifer on the social network, as he recently blasted Jennifer and Evelyn Lozada after Chad Johnson head butted her. Now it appears that Eric Williams has decided to initiate another Jennifer Williams Twitter beef over their failed marriage. According to their most recent beef, it appears as if Eric keeps changing the court date around, and it’s annoying the hell out of Jennifer.

Peep the tweets that were eventually deleted, which were gathered by Snitch:

jennifer williams twitter beef

jennifer williams twitter beef

jennifer williams twitter beef

jennifer williams twitter beef

jennifer williams twitter beef

jennifer williams twitter beef

jennifer williams twitter beef

Looks like things are still messy between the two unfortunately. This Jennifer Williams Twitter beef proves the former couple may never get on civil terms after the divorce. In related news, Jennifer also shot down another rumor about who she is dating. When asked if she was dating rapper Meek Mill, she responded:

jennifer williams meek mill dating

There you have it.


  1. Eric bothers me, but he’s right. Why answer him on Twitter? BBW isn’t back on yet. No need to attention whore Jennifer. Pick up the phone and handle business, or pick up the phone and call your attorney so he can handle it for you.

  2. These two are too messy for my liking. It’s time to be grown and get this divorce done. The antics on Twitter aren’t needed.

  3. When gold digging goes wrong…you’ll end up with a man who has no problem throwing a drink in your face on national TV.

  4. She should have just ignored his a–. It’s obvious he thrives off attention. Get your lawyer to handle that whole court date issue. And why is she being linked to so many men these days? I hope she’s not a tramp like Evelyn. I actually like her, so that would suck.

  5. Meek Mill? Eww, gross! I’m glad that isn’t true. He sounds like a slow and deaf kid when he raps. I mean does he have to scream every lyric to his songs? Sheesh.

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