Jennifer Williams’ Fiancé Checks ‘Basketball Wives’ Newbie Vanessa Rider

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Vanessa Rider rubbed Evelyn Lozada and Jennifer Williams the wrong way during her rookie season of BBWLA.

Basketball Wives” stars Jennifer Williams and Evelyn Lozada have been clashing with newbie Vanessa Rider during the current season. When it comes to Evelyn, she was rubbed the wrong way when Vanessa accused her of being a homewrecker. She alleged Evelyn began dating Carl Crawford while he was with Vanessa’s friend Amy Crawford. However, Evelyn said it didn’t go down this way. Instead, she alleged Carl wasn’t honest about his relationship status. Regardless, she’s in a good place with Amy and Carl in the present. So she didn’t understand why Vanessa brought the matter up to her when they first met.

Jennifer and Vanessa started to have tension after Jennifer’s fiance Christian Gold introduced himself to the group. He talked about having an almost 1-year-old and 2 year old. This was a red flag for Vanessa. So she decided to research Christian. She later told Jackie Christie that Christian has more children that he didn’t discuss that day. She also alleged that he spent some time in prison. So she wasn’t sure if Jennifer knew everything about the man she is planning to marry. So she wanted to tell Jennifer what she found out to protect her and prevent Jennifer from getting her heart broken. However, Jennifer did not see Vanessa’s actions as caring. Instead, she felt like Vanessa was just being messy. Jennifer and Evelyn believe Vanessa moves the way she does because she’s miserable in her marriage to Isaiah Rider.

Jennifer Williams’ boo will confront Vanessa Rider during the next episode.

Earlier in the season, Vanessa disclosed some controversial details about her marriage. She said she discovered Isaiah was cheating on her during the pandemic. And allegedly a woman threatened to expose Isaiah during a phone call she overheard. As a result, she became so stressed that she suffered a miscarriage.

Vanessa also admitted to placing security cameras everywhere to make sure he isn’t still cheating as well as checking his “balls” often for the same reason.

On the upcoming episode of “Basketball Wives,” Jennifer confirms she told Christian about the things said by Vanessa. In the preview, he actually confronts Vanessa.

He says, “Whatever goes on in my household is between me and Jennifer. We don’t bring my kids into this situation, period.”


  1. I don’t like this. His tone was a bit nasty and he wouldn’t have been like this if Vanessa’s husband was there. Then you have Jennifer and Evelyn all giddy about him grilling a woman like male identified clowns. Eww all around.

    1. Miss Queen, I totally agree with you, if her husband was around it wouldn’t have happened that way. It’s not Funny at all Jennifer and Evelyn should be ashamed of themselves.

  2. What’s with the men confronting women on these shows?
    It’s very inappropriate. Jennifer needs to grow a backbone and fight her own battles.

  3. Jennifer’s boyfriend is such a mark! Vanessa must have hit a nerve somewhere. Why didn’t he declare ALL his children at the gathering? That was super weird! Jennifer is just happy to have a guy and she is ecstatic that Evelyn is her friend again. She’s still on a high just from that. Plus, I’m still trying to understand how Evelyn can come down on Clayanna for gently nudging Jennifer when Evelyn jumped off a table and threw a whole wine bottle! This season is too much! 🤣🤣🤣

  4. Jennifer talking with Vanessa should have been enough. There was no information garnered there that moved the conversation forward and it was an overly aggressive move to confront her twice. Having confrontations to try to drive ratings isn’t a good formula. Brittany seemed closed off from early in the season and didn’t really show herself either. She seemed like she didn’t know how to flip this for her brand and became bored. Liked seeing the scenes of Shaniece reuniting with Jen and Jackie with her daughter…

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