Vanessa Rider Quits ‘Basketball Wives’ + Jackie Christie Drops Receipts

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Vanessa Rider clashed with Evelyn Lozada and Jennifer Williams on BBWLA.

Basketball Wives” newbie Vanessa Rider had an explosive first season. It didn’t take long for her to clash with Evelyn Lozada. Vanessa is friends with Amy Freeman, Carl Crawford’s baby momma. When Vanessa met Evelyn, she accused her of being a homewrecker when Carl and Amy were together. So it made her a bit uncomfortable to be in the same space with Evelyn. This did not sit well with Evelyn. She denied that she intentionally dealt with Carl while he was with Amy. She insinuated that Carl wasn’t truthful about his relationship status. And that is what allegedly caused the overlap.

Eventually, Evelyn and Vanessa were able to have a sit-down about the situation. Vanessa acknowledged that she may have come off a bit too strong since Evelyn and Amy are in a good place in the present. Then Vanessa found herself in another feud with Jennifer Williams. She felt compelled to dig up information on Jennifer’s fiancé Christian Gold. Vanessa thought it was fishy for him to have an almost one-year-old and almost two-year-old while talking about marrying Jennifer. Vanessa came back and told the others that Christian changed his name, had another child he didn’t mention, and spent time in prison. So she worried he could be trying to take advantage of Jennifer. And she wanted to warn Jennifer.

Jennifer didn’t appreciate Vanessa researching Christian. She said she already knew about Christian’s oldest child and time in prison. And she suspected Vanessa only wanted to be messy, not helpful.

Vanessa Rider responded to the accusations made by Jennifer Williams.

Vanessa was a no-show for the reunion. But that did not stop Jennifer from clapping back. When she was asked about Vanessa’s detective work, she alleged Vanessa has a rap sheet of her own which allegedly consists of “16 counts of forgery.”

After the reunion aired, Vanessa answered questions from followers via Instagram Story. When someone asked why she didn’t attend the reunion, Vanessa answered, “Cutting out a bunch of my scenes all season…”

Another person asked, “Would you ever do ‘Basketball Wives’ again after the craziness this season?”

Vanessa answered, “**** no I came to work tho…”

And when she was asked if the allegations made by Jennifer were true, Vanessa said, “I ain’t never lied! Missed my calling! Let’s talk about all the aggravated assault and assault charges I got! Next!”

In related news, Jackie Christie also had something to share on social media after the reunion aired. As we reported, Jackie was put in the hot seat. Brooke Bailey accused Jackie of trashing Shaunie Henderson and Evelyn behind their backs because she was allegedly upset about them returning. Brooke also accused Jackie of being upset that the OGs left her off of the promotional billboard. Jackie told them Brittish Willaims was the one who went in on the OGs. But none of the OGs believed her. Interestingly enough, Jackie dropped the audio of her conversation with Brittish. And some “Basketball Wives” fans believe Jackie was vindicated.


  1. I knew the plan was to eventually gang up on Jackie when Duffey, Brandi, Brittish, and the twins were fired. It’s like they knew Evelyn couldn’t bully with them there.

    1. Each time they get the show going in a better direction they bring back messy-a*s Shaunie, along with racist messay-a*s Evelyn and Jennifer who forces herself into relationships with thugs and violent men just to be relevant. Jennifer says the man has money, well money is not everything. Look at what happened with her and Tim who is now in jail. She puts herself out there to be abused, with her money-hungry self. They need to remove Shaunie and Evelyn at the least and bring back the ladies who turned the show around a season ago. I stopped watching it a long time ago but did tune into a few shows last season. Shaunie is so pathetic. She was on a podcast putting down her church members and everything she said about them applied to herself. I was checking out another show and ran across that. You’d think with her being married to a Minister she’d change her ways but I guess you can’t take the messy out of some folks. If this is the best they can do they need to take the show off the air. Jackie has more fans then them and many return to see her.

      1. Exactly. H-ll Jackie whooped Brooke according to Draya, Malaysia, and Bambi. And she never hesitated to jump in Doug’s fights. These people gotta stop listening to the mean girl crew. They lie about everything. Evelyn’s a-s lied and said she wasn’t racist when we all saw her call an Asian woman Ling Ling. Leave Jackie alone and get the real problems off the show (Shaunie, Evelyn, Brooke).

    1. Get rid of Shaunie, Evilyn, and Jennifer. Keep Jackie and tone Briney down. She kisses up to Shaunie and constantly attacks Jackie. I am glad Jackie had receipts.

  2. The only Miami OG anyone wants to see is Tami! Brittish was correct in this audio! Ratings were higher last season because the majority cannot stand Evelyn or Shaunie!

  3. I knew Jackie wasn’t lying. I can’t stand Brooke old follower a-s! And Vanessa should have went to the reunion. She’s too stubborn to play the game right.

    1. I said the wrong name in my other post. I meant Brooke is the one kissing up to Shaunie and Evilyn, while attacking Jackie. I am glad Jackie had receipts. Brooke needs to go too.

  4. Why would they be upset with Shaunie… It’s her show.. Jackie is a liar and wants to be in charge.. she’s been lying since season #1.. Jennifer is a follower and she’s scary.. Evelyn thinks she’s about that life. But it’s a 50/50 chance of winning or losing.. I always binge watch because there’s nothing on at 2am 😂😘

    1. Why on earth are you defending a black woman who continues to employ a racist and colorist? Shaunie and this show should be canceled period. She is an awful person! She makes Jackie look like a saint!

  5. British needs to worry about her time in jail. Jackie is a two faced liar. She gets close to the newbies so they will be loyal to her. That is Shawnee show. If the ratings were so good, they wouldn’t have bought Evelyn back. Jackie is the jealous one. If I was Shawnee I would give her walking papers.

    1. I totally disagree. Shaunie uses casts to bring ratings up then jumps her butt in, bringing Evilyn (the alleged racist) back with her. They have never been good for the show. Jackie is more important then either of them. They need to leave her alone. She is one of the threads that keeps the show going.

  6. Shaunie continues to employ a racist and colorist. This is not her show because she stole it from Royce! Evelyn doesn’t do anything but tank ratings. Ratings were actually higher last season! Shaunie brought Evelyn back because Evelyn needs a check! She can’t figure out how to make money without some stupid rich man or being on Basketball Wives. Evelyn told Tami she was a non mf factor but she can’t even survive without this platform while Tami has MULTIPLE shows! Karma!

  7. This is exactly what I was talking 👄 about. Someone else quit the show. Ever since Tami Roman left the show it hasn’t been the same. Tami showed Shaunie you cannot treat people wrong and not expect them to walk away.

  8. 🤔 Shaunie is a self-centered phony and Evelyn lozada sucks up to Shaunie even though she slept with Shaq, Brooke is another phony I am not a fan of the show anymore Tami Roman showed them that she didn’t need they fake arse and she’s doing well I am a big fan of Tami and Jackie, Shaunie looks miserable and she’s putting on her clown smile like everything is good but eventually it will come out

  9. I see a lot of people saying get rid of Shaunie, this is her franchise, there’s no getting rid of Shaunie! If you watch the show you can all see that Jackie is messy, I love her, but she does keep things going. Evelyn and Brooke is direct in what they have to say, and both of them have fell out with Jackie. As far as Tami, she was a bully, but she couldn’t bully Evelyn, they fought in like season 2 or 3. Last point, we can say what we want about Shaunie, but she’s running to the bank with those checks!!

    1. Shauni dose not write the checks gets ep checks off the show but we tv writes the checks or what ever network they was on Shauni I’d washed up like Evelyn and Jennifer broke is a follower tgat is why her husband was cheating on her tired ass and Jackie is the only wife Evelyn never married a player but football one who beat her *** eric dropped Jennifer and Shaq cheated on Shauni with evelyn

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