Uh Oh: Kanye Didn’t Want to Be Seen With Kim at Paris Fashion Week

By: Taren Vaughan

Kanye West and Kim Kardashian have managed to keep their names in heavy rotation in the tabloids on a weekly, daily rather, basis. As they both don’t shy away from the spotlight, Kim and Kanye have found even more common ground as the Kanye West sex tape leaked out to the media, one that featured an alleged Kim Kardashian look-a-like in it. Kim and Kanye’s romance appeared to be growing stronger over the past few months and there have even been pregnancy rumors floating about. Kim Kardashian fueled the pregnancy rumor through one of her tweets, with Kim implying that she would love to have a baby by Kanye, or any other Black man for that matter. As a lot of marriage and baby talk may be going on, supposedly the relationship between them has started to lose its fire, with Kanye wanting us to see less and less Kimye public appearances. Kanye’s desire to be spotted solo apparently goes for events outside of the U.S. too. NY Daily News got the scoop on whether or not Kanye was considering bringing Kim along with him to Paris for Paris Fashion Week. And supposedly, Kanye wanted Kim to fall back on this one, fearing that she may ruin his fashion credibility:

Confidenti@l has learned exclusively that Kanye West had “no intentions” of bringing reality star girlfriend Kim Kardashian to Paris Fashion Week. “He didn’t think it was good for his reputation,” a Kanye spy tells us. “He didn’t want to hurt her feelings.”

The rapper turned fashion designer choose not to show his fashion collection this season, after his two previous Paris shows were bashed by critics. But he RSVP’d without a plus one to numerous shows weeks before telling Kim he was even going.

Despite his inability to handle criticism, West is expected to be back in Paris in March to show his own fashion line, sources said. For now, though, he is palling around with some of Europe’s most famous designers, including Peter Dundas of Pucci, Riccardo Tisci of Givenchy, and Karl Lagerfeld of Chanel. And Kanye may adore Kim, but sources close to the rapper say “he’s uncomfortable bringing her” and “wants to be taken seriously.”

Meanwhile, Kim was busy filming her reality show in Miami with other members of the Kardashian Klan. She wore yet another outfit entirely too small for her generous curves when she arrived at the Webster Hotel in Miami Beach for lunch Tuesday.

Kanye West and Kim Kardashian have not been camera shy at all since they have starting dating each other. And Kanye is usually not pictured without Kim right by his side since the two went public with their relationship. However, on allegedly on this occasion, sounds like he was rather wishing she would just stay far away.


In related news, Kanye has pretty much confused people even more with his recent actions on Twitter yesterday. After deleting all of his previous tweets, the rapper then tweeted:


kanye west twitter


We’re not sure what Kanye is up to, but many say they are pretty sure another publicity stunt is in the works.


  1. Kanye is such a damn queen. I just feel like he’s about to do something big that will require an eye roll from me. And I think it’s some truth to the rumors about him being over Kim already, hell, he’s selfish enough that he would tired of her by now. But the break up is going to be an epic one. LOL.

  2. I think this is true. Why? Because Kim is doing major damage control now about their “relationship.” She has given like 3 interviews in the last 24 hours about “how in love” they are. LOL. She’s so fake. I wish she and her whole family would go away.

  3. I think these two are out of the honey moon phase. Not to mention Kanye is in Paris where there are plenty of white models who will be willing to keep Kim off his mind. He’s a serial cheater, so I wouldn’t be surprised if he left Kim behind to play. I don’t know why Kim is so full of herself that she thinks he wouldn’t do her like he’s done everyone else he’s dated.

  4. Obviously NOT true, people forget they were just at NYFW last month and they were at Paris fashion week a few months ago. I think the reason she didn\’t go is because she\’s busy filming. Couples don\’t have to be together 24/7.

    1. Chauncy has a point, but so does this gossip. Kanye is furious he didn’t get good reviews on his clothing line and he’s been getting clowned for her he’s dressing Kim. He went all the way to Paris Fashion Week just to show his face and network. Why would he want to bring Kim, someone people don’t respect in the fashion industry? It makes sense and this is plausible. They probably aren’t having problems, but this is very plausible for someone who wants to be taken seriously in fashion.

    2. I really can’t stand when people come on here and dismiss the gossip like they are the damn celeb themselves. People be all in they feelings. Smh…

    3. “Obviously NOT true, people forget they were just at NYFW last month and they were at Paris fashion week a few months ago.” < Keyword, a FEW months ago. That would be around the time when they FIRST went public with their relationship. I won't say too much, but I'm in the industry and trust me when I say neither Kim nor Kanye are happy with the response they got with their "relationship." Not enough people cared like they thought would. They thought they'd be a power couple like Angie & Brad, Bey and J. And it did NOT work out like that. Instead, people clown the hell out of them. Him purposely going without her is NOT a stretch at this point. And honestly, please don't give me that "because she's busy filming" crap. Had Kim been invited by Kanye, she would have brought along the camera crew. That's how Hollywood works hon.

      1. THANK YOU. Kim wouldn’t pass up going to Paris Fashion Week with Ye. It’s something else to put on camera for her show.

  5. He missed Kim’s big dinner too that was in memory of her Dad’s passing. And it’s not like he was showing in Paris. Amber Rose says he can be real distant for no reason too. I believe there is some truth to this. Kim would NOT miss going to Paris Fashion Week. People only want to dismiss this because it’s Kim. She ain’t God and she ain’t perfect. Men will cheat and tired of her like they do any other woman. GTFOH.

  6. I’m more interested in why he deleted his tweets. Something is up. I detect another epic Kanye break down.

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