Rihanna Shades Chris Brown On Twitter After Rumors Surface of Him Being With Karrueche Last Night

By: Taren Vaughan

The Chris Brown, Rihanna and Karrueche Tran love triangle saga has had so many twists and turns to it, it’s been extra hard for people to keep up with it all. Before he officially came clean about breaking up with Karrueche, it was already thought that Chris Brown was on his way to getting back with Rihanna after they were pictured together at a club. Once Chris released a statement and a video regarding his relationship status  and his feelings about both Karrueche and Rihanna, the rumor mill started to get out of control. There has been talk that Chris kicked Karrueche out of his house while some claimed that he and Rihanna have been messing around while he was still in a relationship, way before the split from Karrueche became official public knowledge. Karrueche is also rumored to be very angry about how everything went down and is seeking revenge for the hurt Chris has caused her. Some of those approving of Chris reuniting with Rihanna include Oprah Winfrey and Rihanna’s father. The tea is continuously spilling over with this one.

Here is the latest gossip that we have picked up on in the last 24 hours. It has been confirmed that Chris Brown and Karrueche Tran both attended a gumbo dinner party last night that Christina Milian and her boyfriend Jas Prince put on:

And according to onlookers who were  in attendance at the event, Chris seemed to still be very much into Karrueche and acted nothing like a person who was supposed to be exclusively dating Rihanna. This bit of gossip may explain Karrueche’s recent pleasant behavior on Twitter and Instagram too:

The gumbo grub session they had with each other had many people coming to the conclusion that Chris is not completely done with Karrueche, or better yet, that they had never really broken up in the first place. Other gossip suggests that Karrueche is finding it easier to deal with the public humiliation of being dumped by Chris because he is still making it a point to keep in contact with her and that she feels that Rihanna will get the same kind of Chris that she got, an unfaithful one. After Rihanna heard the report about Chris and Karrueche spending time together, she threw some shade to Chris from her Twitter account, posting an Instagram pic:

It has also been rumored that Chris Brown did not break up with Karrueche to be with Rihanna exclusively but he did it because he didn’t want to be tied down to just one of them, him having strong feelings for both women. And many have voiced their opinions about Chris’ actions, saying that it was disgraceful for him to be mingling with his ex while Rihanna was overseas in Baku, Rih Rih thinking that she had him all to herself. Though Chris nor Karrueche have commented on them being at the gathering together post-break-up, Rihanna, and others who have been tuning in, seem to think there is some unfinished business between the two.


  1. Damn! That was quick! I hope this humbles Rihanna. If he cheated on you once, and cheated on his last girl with you, why would he be faithful? Girl BYE.

  2. We haven’t heard the last from Karrueche. Karma will make sure of that. Had Rihanna not went about this the way she did, she might have gotten her fairy tale. But God don’t like ugly.

  3. Karrueche is really pretty. Dare I say it, prettier than Rihanna. Now that she knows Chris won’t be faithful, she needs to move on.

    1. What make her pretty. She look like a crack head with little short ugly legs. Rihanna look 100 times better then her.

      1. Girl BYE! Rihanna looks like a praying mantis. She needs makeup and her forehead covered to be pretty. Karrueche is naturally pretty and slays her without even trying. You stans are hilarious.

  4. Somebody called this too. Chris really needs to be single and these ladies don’t need to commit to him either. This is getting stupid.

  5. I’m not surprised. Only a fool didn’t notice how all this went down. He breaks up with Kae but still doesn’t say he’s with Rih. That was disrespectful to me. There was no reason for him to go anywhere Kae was going to be. He really plans on doing what he wants. Both these ladies are stupid for still dealing with him.

  6. I know exactly how Karrueche feels. When a man does you wrong for another woman, nothing feels better than watching him come back and wanting you while he is with the girl he left you for. It is a sweet victory. But Karrueche should never take him back. Let Rih have him, she’ll see that it wasn’t worth it eventually. If she’s smart.

  7. Karreuche and Draya became friends. So Karrueche and Rhianna need to become friends, all 3 of them get together and have a MINAJ…..Geesh this is starting to get on my nerves and I really do like Chris. I want him to be better for himself!

  8. I agree with team breezy chris dont have to keep telling people his business because he’s not asking us for our opinion people should mind there own business and get a life..

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