Chris Brown Allegedly Regretting Break Up With Karrueche, Rihanna’s Still Throwing Shade


By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

The gossip mill is going crazy over the current status of the Chris Brown and Rihanna drama that has been pretty explosive the last few days. As we recently reported, Chris Brown officially announced his split with Karrueche Tran. This came just days after Chris made headlines for being spotted partying around New York with his famous ex girlfriend Rihanna. But because Chris is allegedly a single man (according to his public statement) it should come as no surprise that he was spotted Saturday night hanging with Karrueche again. The former couple both attended a dinner party of Christina Millian’s boyfriend, and it was said by some onlookers that the exes did not act like exes. Allegedly to those who attended the party, Chris was obvious in his actions that he still has romantic feelings for Karrueche, despite his feelings for Rihanna. Ironically (maybe?) this occurred while Rihanna is currently out of the country for work. After reports spread everywhere about Chris Brown’s evening with Karrueche, Rihanna took to her Twitter account to throw a little shade at the R&B singer she told Oprah in an interview is the “love of her life.”

Like we mentioned yesterday, we heard that Chris is still contacting Karrueche. And apparently, his continuous contact and continued alleged romantic interest in her is making it even easier for her to move on, as some say seeing Chris first hand not being faithful to Rihanna reassures her that the break up was the best thing that could have happened at this point.

And now, some are even saying that Chris isn’t being very honest about the split. According to some reports, Karrueche is furious about his video in which he reveals that he loves both her and Rihanna, but even more upset that he’s allegedly lying to the media about who called it off and what really happened. For one thing, she says he and Rihanna have more than a “friendship” and he’s lying about not being a player to make himself look better in the press.

The latest reports suggest Karrueche was the one who called the relationship off (that explains this tweet) when he was spotted hanging around Rihanna in night clubs all around New York, and as of now, he’s allegedly been contacting her frequently wanting to get back together since he feels the split was a mistake.

Here’s the report:

Tran dumped the Grammy Award-winning singer after he was spotted canoodling with former flame, Rihanna.

“Chris has been in constant communication with Karrueche ever since she dumped him. She ended it with Chris because he was just blatantly flaunting his dalliances with Rihanna, but now he’s telling how sorry he is, and how much he loves her,” a source close to the former couple tells Radar.

She is just too hurt to even go there at this point. Karrueche just wants a break from all of this drama, and she knows that Chris wants whatever he can’t have. Karrueche thinks Chris has a lot of maturing he needs to do, and she can’t trust him.”

While this is just gossip, it does align with what we’ve been hearing about all three. We wouldn’t be surprised if Chris Brown (who’s young and very rich) was doing all he could to keep both women in his life, even deciding to be single. As young as he is, we can’t say any of this would be shocking if it was true.

Karrueche is apparently not sitting at home sulking over the end of her relationship with Chris Brown, as she was photographed by the paps last night club hopping with her girlfriends.

In the meantime, Rihanna is still out of the country, and apparently annoyed with Chris’ alleged behavior at the time of her absence. She’s been shading Chris for the last couple of days on her Twitter account.

Her latest shade:


rihanna tweet chris brown


In other news, Rihanna’s crazy love life with Chris Brown hasn’t managed to slow her career down any. Billboard named her as the Top 40 Artist of the Decade. Congrats to Rihanna.


  1. The best thing I can take away from all of this is that Kae is keeping it classy and not sitting around being messy on Twitter and sulking at home. She’s moving on and we all need to do the same.

    1. I agree. As nasty and ignorant as Chris and Rihanna’s stans have been, she still just keeps it classy. I don’t think I could have done it though. Lmao.

  2. This could be true, I mean they did JUST break up. The feelings are still there and all dudes go back when they see their ex is maintaining without them. Good for her for realizing that he’s just not going to be faithful.

  3. Well she’s a pretty girl. He’s better suited for Rihanna since she’s willing to tolerate him beating and cheating on her anyway.

  4. These messy a– children. Smh. Please don’t be naive any longer Kae. Let him be with Rihanna. That’s a problem off your hands!

  5. I really don’t understand what either one of them see in him though. He can’t sing, his paynus is too skinny, and he looks like a crackhead. What gives?

  6. A mess! But they’re all young, one day they will look back on all of this and realize how silly it was. Well, everyone except Rihanna. I think she’s addicted to having an unhealthy relationship.

  7. Of course he’s still in contact. Why wouldn’t the guy who’s been photographed all up over random chicks in the club NOT be in contact with his ex? And who is Rihanna supposed to be? Some kind of mythical creature who’s exempt from a cheating dude? Please. He cheated on her before and he will cheat again, whether it’s Kae or some other chick.

  8. That look on Kae’s face says it all. That’s the look of a woman who just witnessed her ex treating his new girl just as bad as he treated her. Feels good when you see your ex hasn’t and will never change despite who he is with. LOL.

  9. Is it Karrueche’s culture/ethnicity that causes her to want to be a doormat? I don’t understand.

    1. Still trolling huh? The ironic thing is Rihanna is a bigger doormat than Kae ever could be. Not only did she still pursue the guy who abused her, but she’s willing to be with him while he messes with other women. I respect Kae more than I do Rihanna at this point.

    2. That’s pretty fukkin ignorant on your behalf.. 1st of all, Kae is half black!!!! There are plenty of other mixed breeds whose blackness would never be questioned, [but they probably don’t have predominantly asian features..] 2ndly, and more to the point, speaking as a blackanese chick from South Central LA, being Asian [American] does NOT = being a passive doormat!! and being black sure as shyt does not = being above taking abuse off a man.. That’s a self worth issue, not an ethnicity issue.. I had plenty of black homegirls that struggled through their teen years, being that “down-ass b-tch” getting played the entire time.. What’s sad is most of them are still driven by the same desperate compulsions to “keep a man” in adulthood, like Oprah Wig points out w/ Rih, willing to get cheated/beaten and go back for more! I love Rihanna, by the way, and don’t judge her or anyone else’s personal choices.. They both seem like coo females, just dizzy when it comes to dudes.. They both play their part.. Kae may have the moral high ground by not being the other woman, but not much else.. I wouldn’t put it past her to do the same to Rih.. CB def gets to have his cake and eat it too w/ these chicks..

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