Kanye Disappoints Kim & Doesn’t Pop the Question on Her Birthday

did kanye propose to kim kardashian

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

Did Kanye propose to Kim Kardashian? After reports suggested that a proposal from Kanye could be in the near future, and most likely to occur on Kim’s birthday, it does appear that perhaps a proposal didn’t happen. After all, if it did, we’re pretty sure Kim would have tweeted a dozen photos of the engagement ring by now. Despite the rather quiet end of her birthday celebration, many were still speculating that an engagement was on the horizons, especially since Ryan Seacrest hinted at it just the other day. Although we could only speculate that a proposal didn’t happen, it appears that we may finally have an answer. So did Kanye propose to Kim? According to friends, Kanye and Kim are not engaged, and the proposal simply did not happen.

Friends of the couple have confirmed with various media sources that Kanye did not propose to Kim Kardashian. They tell the Huffington Post:

“Her vacation is scheduled to end tomorrow, with her heading back to New York City to attend the Angel Ball Monday night,” a friend of Kim’s reveals. “After that she’s heading back to Miami to continue filming her show for a few months. No one had any idea what Ryan was talking about!”

Even Kim’s publicist and best friend Jonathan Cheban claims Kim hasn’t mentioned anything to him about an engagement. Although Kanye did not propose to Kim Kardashian, it did appear to others that she was anxiously awaiting him popping the big question over the weekend. She changed her outfit several times while the couple dined, and also wore what appeared to be a white-laced wedding inspired dress on one of their outings.


  1. Kim is a damn trip. She probably had her PR person plant this rumor to get people to finally shut up about Reggie having a baby. LOL.

  2. I’m glad he didn’t. At least wait until the damn divorce is final. It’s no need to rush with someone who has already been divorced twice at 32.

  3. She changed outfits while they were on a date? She’s such an attention whore. It’s actually very pathetic and sad.

  4. I’m glad he didn’t propose to this tramp. How can you marry someone who has slept with most of your peers? We just heard what Waka Flocka said about her.

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