Mimi Faust Wishes Stevie J. Happy Birthday, Then She Gets Dragged

mimi faust

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

Mimi Faust just can’t escape the ugly side of the social networks. Ever since Mimi made the choice to put her rather complicated relationship with her baby’s father Stevie J. in front of the cameras for the first season of Love And Hip Hop Atlanta, Mimi has been constantly criticized for staying with Stevie despite his affair with Joseline Hernandez. Since the end of the show, the status of their relationship has been somewhat questionable. And that is especially since Joseline and Stevie J. have been making plenty of public appearances together. Joseline has also been sure to upload photos of the lavish gifts that Stevie J. has been buying her. One being a purple fur coat that caused many to call Joseline out for behaving like what they feel is prostitute like, to which Joseline took as a compliment.

Regardless, Mimi seems to have no real beef with Stevie J. At least not to the point that she didn’t want to wish him a happy birthday. So on his big day last week, she tweeted her well wishes and sent a rather mature tweet between two parents who have learned to put their differences aside for their daughter Eva.

She tweets:

mimi faust twitter beef

Of course, people weren’t too happy that Mimi wanted to wish the two timing father of her child a happy birthday. Just seconds after what appeared to just be an honest tweet, people began to drag Mimi for reaching out to Stevie J. And all hell broke loose:

mimi twitter beef

mimi twitter draggedmimi faust twitter beefmimi faust twitter beefmimi faust twitter beef

Although Mimi received a lot of criticism for tweeting Stevie J. happy birthday, she also received a lot of positive tweets as well for being able to put things things to the side and be cordial. Stevie J. also expressed in a tweet that he was thankful for the birthday wish.

Even Joseline had her back:

mimi faust twitter beef


  1. People are stupid. Yes Mimi is weak, but why can’t she wish dude a Happy Birthday? People are too judgmental.

  2. I think Mimi is not the smartest, but I can’t see a problem with her tweet. People hate this woman so much and I think it’s because they see themselves in her. Mos women have been cheated on and a lot of them take the man back. And then he does it again. I think they are angry that it happened to them, so they direct that anger to Mimi. IJS.

    1. I think you may be right. I think Mimi is weak for dealing with Stevie, but I think the hate for her is unwarranted. It does seem like there’s a lot of people that take it so personally.

  3. Wow. Just when I thought people couldn’t get any dumber. What is she supposed to do, not talk to him? They have a child together and he actually wants to be in the child’s life. She didn’t say she was dating him again. SMH

  4. People do too much on Twitter. She should be able to tweet HBD to Stevie without that kind of reaction from people. If the two are getting along for the sake of the kid, what’s the problem?

  5. What?….
    Ok first off who gives a damn if she is being cordial to her Ex whom she has a child with. WAY too many morons in the world.

    Secondly I don’t get Jose’s post… how was that supportive? I don’t see it as mean or anything I just don’t get it. Guess i need to work on my ghettoese.

  6. Yeah i agree people are so weirdly upset with Mimi as if they have never been hurt by their baby father and went back. she never expected him to go so hard for Joselyn so give her a break! she gets hated on the most but Josely gains popularity for not really giving a sh-t about how she got her man…… What is this world coming to when people become so judgmental that they forget themselves

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