Keyshia Cole Explains Why She Admires Jay-Z & Beyonce’s Relationship

keyshia cole

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

Keyshia Cole has officially made her return back to music, since the R&B singer took a break from recording so she could focus on her family life. Plenty has changed since Keyshia’s first stepped onto the music scene, as she is now a wife to NBA player Daniel Gibson (Cleveland Cavaliers) and mother to son Daniel Gibson, Jr. It’s been speculated that Keyshia may have also taken a break from music because she experienced some drama with her family members after her reality show Keyshia Cole: The Way It Is with, a show that featured not only Keyshia Cole, but her mother and siblings. In the end, the reality show drove some what of a wedge in between her relationship with Neffe and a few of her other siblings, not to mention Keyshia found it hard to return to making her heartbreak music while she was so in love and happy with her own life. But now Keyshia is back, and currently promoting her upcoming album Woman to Woman, with a new reality show (Keyshia & Daniel: Family First) with Daniel to boot.

Keyshia’s love life hasn’t always been so great. The singer dated rapper Young Jeezy and that ended pretty horribly for the singer. After the two called it quits, Jeezy kind of threw her under a bus in an interview, and claimed Keyshia was more into him than he was to her. He even claimed that Keyshia proposed to him and he promptly declined.Keyshia’s relationship with Young Jeezy taught Keyshia the difficulties that come with dating another person in the limelight, although she was reminded again when Gucci Mane threw her into his beef with Young Jeezy in which Daniel was not amused. And now that she’s dating a NBA player, she understands that once again her love life will come with a microscope for the public’s viewing.

Keyshia remains optimistic and cites that she looks at couples like Jay-Z and Beyonce for inspiration.

In a recent interview with Rolling Out Magazine, she says:

“I respect Beyoncé and Jay-Z, because I know how hard it can be to stay in love in this business. In the beginning, it appeared as if Jay-Z knew Beyoncé had work to do. I respect that. You can’t go into a relationship trying to change someone. You have to grow with that person and go through everything with them.

“That’s one thing that I noticed and I respect about them. Of course, I’m not with them every day, but that’s what I see from the outside looking in.”

Of course Keyshia also feels she has a bond with her husband and attributes the ups and downs as a source of their solid foundation:

“We had been talking for months before we physically met each other. We had ups and downs in our relationship, and we grew from it. When you make a commitment to marriage, you have to be serious about it. You can love the person you are with, but you have to be sure that you’re ready to make that commitment.

This is not only for when times are good — marriage is for the remainder of our lives. [It’s for] building a life and making the best life for your children.”

Keyshia’s upcoming album Woman to Woman is set to drop November 19.


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