Michael Jackson’s Former Attorney Says Pedophile Accusations Lead To His Death

By: Taren Vaughan

Michael Jackson was a musical genius in a league of his very own. The energy and talent that he brought to the stage was untouchable and led music lovers to believe that he was one of the greatest entertainers of all time. Sadly, his untimely death left his family, friends and fans mourning the loss yet also sparked some drama amongst his family members too. As many celebrated Michael Jackson and his accomplishments throughout his career, there were those who were set to ruin him and do everything in their power to tarnish his image, accusing the pop star of being a pedophile. Michael Jackson continued to deny the claims made against him and his accuser even admitted to lying about the supposed incident that took place. But that still did not change the way that people looked at him when the claims were initially made and the things that were said about him. The harsh words, crude jokes and criticisms from people were a lot for Michael Jackson to handle claims Attorney Thomas Mesereau, lead criminal defense attorney during Michael’s 2005 trial. And Mesereau truly believes that the accusations played a part in Michael’s life ending so early, The NY Post reports:

Thomas Mesereau, Michael Jackson’s lead criminal defense attorney in his 2005 trial, is backing up Randall Sullivan’s new Jackson biography “Untouchable.” “The greatest benefit to come out of this book is Mr. Sullivan’s objective conclusion that Michael Jackson was not a child molester,” Mesereau, who is quoted in the book, tells us. “To be called a pedophile is worse than being called a murderer. I know what these false charges did to him. In my opinion, they shortened his life.”

Mesereau also added that he himself wanted to write a book but publishers were not interested in what he had to say:

“Publishers were not interested in why Michael Jackson was innocent. This was very disturbing to me.”






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