Keyshia Cole Isn’t Against Fighting One of Her Twitter Followers

keyshia cole

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

Keyshia Cole has no problems checking anyone on Twitter. The R&B singer reminds me a lot of her mentee, K. Michelle, in a sense that they can get a little ratchet on the social networks when they see tweets they don’t like in their mentions. But their dedicated fan bases count the Twitter bravery as a part of their  “realness,” and I doubt either will ever change how they run their Twitter accounts. So every now and then, both will snatch a wig and scalp off one of their haters, and it’s usually done in a very hilarious way. But for Keyshia Cole, the criticisms are a little more personal more often than not, as the singer currently has a reality show that follows the life she has with her new husband Daniel Gibson and son Daniel Gibson, Jr.

Apparently, many people aren’t too thrilled with Keyshia’s interaction with her husband on the show. Many seem to feel that she mistreats him and doesn’t seem to respect him. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve heard someone say that she talks to him any kind of way on the show. And apparently, most of these said people think Twitter is the best way to make their voices heard.

One person in particular was furious with Keyshia’s onscreen treatment of Daniel so much so that she tweeted Keyshia Cole and told her she wanted to punch the singer in the mouth. Of course it was then that the “hood” came out of Keyshia Cole.

Peep the tweet from the angry fan and Keyshia’s response:

keyshia cole twitter


It wasn’t all ratchet though, as Keyshia Cole had a calmer response for a less angry fan. She also expressed her disappointment with the singer’s treatment of her husband, but Keyshia explains reality television doesn’t show the whole truth:


keyshia cole twitter account



  1. Love her but she does talk to her hubby any kind of way on the show. I feel bad for his sometimes. But Keyshia’s always been known to have a nasty attitude, so I’m not surprised she talks to him like that.

  2. “You can take them out the hood but you can never take the hood out of them.” Keyshia Cole will always be hood at her core.

  3. Keyshia, baby… sweetheart, can we act like we aren’t in East Oakland anymore? We all know if Boobie tries to leave you, you are going to Jail for murder. We get it.

    1. LMAO!!! You are a fool incog! Now I did hear that Boobie is not faithful at all and that Christian thing is just an act for the Cameras.

      1. I doubt it. Boobie is one of those guys that does seem to have a healthy fear of his wife. I don’t blame him either. Keyshia is the type to pull a Remy Ma and shoot someone in the stomach.

  4. I don’t see what the big deal is? Keyshia is just defending herself from haters on Twitter. Now I did hear that she is not the most friendly celeb at times. But, did you all see comments on Twitter about her 106 & Park appearance, when she said something about being bi-racial. People attempted to tear her a new one.

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