Stevie J. Shades Mimi for Getting off His Bus?

stevie j and mimi

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

Stevie J. and Mimi Faust’s controversial relationship and love triangle with Joseline Hernandez had to be one of the most intriguing and ratchet aspects of Love And Hip Hop Atlanta. Although the whole situation made for good reality television, it ended up creating one huge mess for Mimi. As a result of what was seen on the show between the three, Mimi has been labeled as a weak woman who doesn’t seem to know how to walk away from an unhealthy relationship. The criticism has been hard for Mimi, and she’s resorted to spending much of her time on the social networks defending herself against her critics. Most recently, Mimi was dragged for something that seemed so small like simply wishing Stevie J. a happy birthday.

The relationship status between these two seems to change quite a bit, but it appears that Mimi has managed to cut Stevie J. off romantically…for now. We’re not sure if Stevie J. is salty about this or even if he’s possibly beefing with another one of his baby mamas (I think he has 4 total), but he threw some obvious shade to one of them on his Twitter account the other day. And it was pretty tough too.

Check out the tweet:

Now again, we’re not sure if Stevie was referring to Mimi but we did hear through the gossip mill that Mimi’s past life involved a lot of partying and pill popping. Not to mention that Stevie seems to throw the fact that she might have been a groupie at some point in her face on a few episodes. But it seems like Mimi isn’t too worried about Stevie, and she claims she’s moved on and she’s in a happier place because of it:

In related news, Mimi seems to still feel like her situation with Stevie J. isn’t an unique one and she only catches so much flack because her situation was seen on television. In a recent interview with L’amour Divine Magazine, she says:

“The only reason my situation is different is because it is being televised for the world to see. A lot of the times, when it happens, it is behind closed doors and between the people you choose to tell or the ones that are already involved. I also cannot worry about what other people think of me or the negativity it may bring because I handled the situation the way I seen fit, and if my daughter had not been involved it may have been different.”

Mimi also reveals that she’s making the most of her new found fame. The business owner is adding a couple more ventures to her resume, as she revealed that she is also working on a children’s clothing line, in addition to a few other projects.


  1. I think he was talking about Mimi. There’s been talk about her popping pills and being a former industry groupie. Either way, I hope she doesn’t go back to him because he’s low key verbally abusive to her and Joseline. This tweet is proof of that.


  2. Wow. I hope he wasn’t talking about Mimi. She seems like she is a good mother to me, he needs to get his stuff together before he throws stones.

  3. She’s still saying everyone has a Stevie J. in their life? Oh come on Mimi. Please be real. You had the extremist of dogs. There was nothing normal about this whole situation.

  4. Don’t know who he was talking about (though I think it was prob Mimi), but this is more reason for her not to go back to that situation. He is being disrespectful to someone, and that’s not cool to put that on Twitter. I think Stevie and Joseline are made for each other though. LOL.

  5. He so ignorant to me. So what if she did pop anything, everyone has a past and it seems she has matured and he is bitter! #UGLY self

  6. How is she coming out with a clothing line and she can’t even dress! smdh lol….. Im sure he was talking about her men like Stevie J. can’t stand the fact a woman who was once so controlled by him can break free and live on without him unlike Joseline weak a–! It just shows that he still have feelings or his feelings are hurt if he is still talking about her when u see Joseline on his arm every damn minute.

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