Keyshia Cole Regrets Her Reality Show With Daniel & Says She’s Glad It’s Over

keyshia cole

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

Keyshia Cole isn’t a newbie to reality television. When the singer began to make a name for herself with her hit album “The Way It Is” a few years ago, she was given her own reality show from BET and the show became a hit instantly once Keyshia’s interactions with her mother and sister Neffie became the focus point of the show. Of course, the end of the show also transpired into the end of Keyshia’s relationship with Neffie and some of her other siblings, as it became increasingly hard for Keyshia and her siblings to get along post the show. As a result, Keyshia Cole took a hiatus from reality television, and just put her efforts into her music. But when Keyshia’s music began to struggle to reach a additional commercial success, Keyshia Cole took somewhat of a break from music, and instead focused on being a new wife and mother.

Keyshia eventually made her way back to the studio, but she decided to give reality television another shot, and BET created a show that was centered around Keyshia’s marriage, family life, and career. Of course Keyshia only signed on because she thought it would be positive, however, Keyshia became a favorite target for criticism ever since the show’s premiere. Most of the criticism stems from the opinion that Keyshia doesn’t treat her husband well and some even feel the singer disrespected him in front of the cameras.

This of course has been the cause of most of Keyshia’s most recent Twitter beefs, as it seems like the show has opened up the door to people’s opinions about her marriage. And Keyshia is not too happy about that. Luckily for Keyshia, the show has ended, and Keyshia says she couldn’t be happier that it’s over. She took to Twitter to make it clear she regrets the show and it sounds like she won’t be returning to reality television this time.

She tweets:

keyshia cole tweets


The R&B singer also reveals why she did the show and why she’s so disappointed with people’s reactions to it:


keyshia cole twitter


keyshia cole twitter


Keyshia also blames shady editing for making it seem like she and Daniel argue all the time. Regardless, I think it’s pretty safe to say that Keyshia is done with reality television.


  1. You can’t put your life on camera and then expect them to do right by you in every scene. That’s not how reality tv shows work. They need drama to bring in the ratings. She should have never signed up.

  2. LOL! Poor Key Key. She’s my girl but she was trippin for going back to BET with their ratchet a–ses. Protect your marriage and keep your business off the TV.

  3. This is why you don’t bring cameras into your relationship. She better hope they don’t end up like most reality tv couples.

  4. keyshia needs to grow up and her husband is to much of a nice guy for her, She’s ghetto as hell and lord knows what she was exposed to with Frankie being her mother …. Keisha is a trick baby and she made her way. No her and her siblings are not going to get a long who are they ???? Frankie is out the street and got kids from every Dick and Tom so what kind of family bond did she create with her kids going into foster care??

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