Brooke Bailey Disses Draya & Says Chris Brown is the Only Reason She Got on

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By: Taren Vaughan

So how does Brooke Bailey really feel about Draya? Brooke Bailey joined the cast of Basketball Wives LA for Season 2 of the show. And although being one of the new faces added to the mix, Brooke, along with other newcomer to the show Bambi Benson, was not immune to the drama that often comes along in reality TV shows. Not afraid to speak her mind, Brooke got into a few heated arguments with other cast members but none of them quite matched the incident involving her and Jackie Christie, a scene in the show were the two got into a fight and one that was said to have been edited. In a recent interview that she did with Street Disciplez Radio, Brooke shared her feelings about a few of her cast mates and had a mouth full to say. But before she gave the run down on the women, she addressed the fight that went down between her and Jackie, Brooke saying that she didn’t remember much except for the fact that she won. However, Brooke says that she respects Jackie for sticking to her word:

“The situation with Jackie, that was just kinda something that happened because Jackie’s never really clear about what she’s saying when she’s talking. And I like to be clear about things. So you know, once we cleared it up and I ended up having to put hands on her, then after that, we got it cleared. And we got a clear understanding of what needs to go on when she talks to me…I really beat her a**. It got so real to where I blacked out. Like I remember her kicking me. And when she kicked me, after that, I don’t remember anything until security was trying to get me up off of her. But you know what, I have to give Jackie props because out of all the girls that I pressed and confronted about little sneaky sh*t or the shade that they were trying to throw, she was the only b*tch that stood up and said  ‘This is what I’m saying.’ She never backed down from what she was saying, so I kind of respect her for that.”

Jackie wasn’t the only person that Brooke got into it with as her and Draya’s friendship started to crumble after Brooke got the news that she made the cover of King Magazine, Brooke feeling like Draya had an issue with giving her props like she felt a friend should. And as Brooke sees it, Draya is not a real model:

“I feel the same way that I felt about Draya from the beginning. I felt like Draya was cool. We were on a cool, casual level, you know, a relationship. I always felt that Draya was a fun girl. She’s never been a model, she’s never my competition in the industry. Whatever she does, that’s her business, and I respect however she goes and gets her money, that’s cool. But what I can’t respect is if you want to pop your collar, that’s cool, but b*tch, don’t try to unpop mine.”

And Brooke feels that Draya only got her chance at a modeling career because she was dating and screwing Chris Brown:

“She was fun girl, she wasn’t a model…She’s done modeling, but the basis of her career started from her f*cking Chris Brown. When you’re dating a rapper, of course you’re going to be in other people’s videos or their videos because that’s what you’re around. It doesn’t mean that you’re a model, it doesn’t mean that. She’s never had to audition, she’s never had to do the things that I’ve done to build my career. She didn’t  have to learn protocol. That’s why when it came to business, she f*cked up.”


Peep the clip below:


  1. A real model gets work with prestigious publications/fashion brands. Neither Brooke or Draya have done that. So I’m not sure why Brooke is throwing shade.

  2. This chick has no class whatsoever! UGH. I hope Draya whoops your butt like that girl did on tape outside that club. I saw the video on Worldstar. She mollywhooped you!

    1. Cosign. I was embarrassed for her when she said how much of an accomplishment she thought it was to cover King Magazine. Smh.

  3. She sounds so trashy talking like that. Was all that profanity necessary? She won’t become a real model behaving the way she acts on TV…

  4. Didn’t like Brooke on “Candy Hoodrats” and I STILL don’t….King Magaizne ain’t shyt….Brooke honey…your NOT a model…GIRL BYE!!! Now take a seat or two _/ _/

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