Jackie Christie is Ready to Run up on Evelyn Lozada & Brooke Bailey at BBWLA Reunion

Photo Credit: VH1

Jackie Christie is no longer on good terms with Evelyn Lozada and Brooke Bailey.

Basketball Wives” star Jackie Christie got along with Brooke Bailey and Evelyn Lozada during the current season. So fans were surprised to see Evelyn and Brooke come for Jackie on X weeks ago. To many, it just seemed unwarranted. Things kicked off after Jackie took to the social media platform to say she wished Malaysia Pargo would return to the show. And she asked fans of the show to help her bring Malaysia back. Evelyn responded by accusing Jackie of being fake. She alleged that Jackie didn’t really want Malaysia on the show and she was faking for image reasons. Jackie responded in an interview. She said that she supported Malaysia’s choice to put her mental health first. But she still wants to see Malaysia back on the show she was an OG on.

Brooke took to X to accuse Jackie of being two-faced to the rest of the cast. She alleged that Jackie expressed she wasn’t happy about Evelyn returning. And she allegedly didn’t like that she was left out of the promotional billboard. Shaunie Henderson was featured instead with Jennifer and Evelyn. Brooke also didn’t like that Jackie took issue with how her scene involving the discussion about Brooke’s daughter was edited. On the show, Jackie was remorseful and said she should have been there more for Brooke while she was grieving. During an interview with Fox Soul, Jackie said she still stood by what she said at the previous reunion. But the scene on the show was edited another way.

Jackie Christie wanted to throw hands at the Season 11 reunion.

Well, Jackie faces off with Evelyn and Brooke at the upcoming reunion. In a trailer for the Season 11 reunion, Jackie’s praise of someone stirs Evelyn.

Jackie says, “Her spirit is just what I love.”

Evelyn responds, “You are a ******* liar!”

Jackie claps back, “You’re jealous of me. You wanna be me.”

Evelyn isn’t buying it, “Jealous of what?!”

Jackie says Evelyn is jealous of her position on the show, “LA is LA is Jackie Christie.”

Shaunie then takes the stage to call out Jackie, “I’m not sure why you think these people were loyal to you and not me.”

Later on in the trailer, Jackie is ready to fight.

“Security remain where you’re at, remain where you’re at.” After Jackie begins taking off her shoes, so does Evelyn.

Brooke says, “Run up and get done up, *****!”

And Jackie says, “I’ma kill your ***!”

Of course, Jackie won’t be the only one tangled up in drama. Jennifer has another war of words with Clayanna Warthen. After things get heated, Clayanna accuses Jennifer’s boo of being a scammer.


  1. Evelyn picks at Jackie because she knows this will always be Jackie’s show. Shaunie wasn’t needed. She filmed two scenes.

    1. Girl, Shaunie is Executive producer of the show she make appearances when’s she feels like it….and Evelyn and Brooke will never be afraid of Jackie lol she’s barking up the wrong tree she’s to old to be acting like she’s on the same level as these young women!!

      1. Yep, Shaunie is the EP and still her appearance at the reunion was unnecessary just like Queen said. She stole the show concept from Royce anyway plus she’s boring and biased. And Brooke and Evelyn can’t fight so they scare no one. Hope this helps Elizabeth!

  2. I want to talk about last night’s episode. It is OK that Jen and Christian are engaged 💍. Let’s see how long this last because he seems alright now but he’s stern and too aggressive I think. Evelyn made the right decision to end her engagement if she doesn’t feel right about it.

  3. What else did you expect from Jackie.
    This group of women are talented people who have nothing better to do than look crazy….
    They children and businesses but constantly act like broke ratchet chicks

  4. Why can’t they do Shaunie like they did Mariah on M2M? She a preachers wife, not a basketball wife and she’s barely doing that position justice. I mean really they can just throw the whole show away after this season cause it’s just gross.

    1. She’ll be back full time, it’s something about that “preacher” of a husband🤔🤔🤔 she won’t be spending a lot of time in the sanctuary. She’ll present her bias a-s more on the show fueling all the bullsh-t and being sheisty as always!!

    1. And since Vanessa skipped the reunion they decided it was time to jump back on Jackie. Followers and clowns!

  5. I think it is seriously nonsense to see a bunch of grown women conducting themselves like animal. Shaunie Brook and Evelyn need to sit down. By the way Jackie is the only BW.


  7. Listen Jackie is the REAL basketball wife but, Shaunie has the $$bag. Evelyn and Brooke just doing what they do trying to get some $$. The whole Dam show is funny. I favorite is Maylesia YES bring her BACK. Jackie you are FUNNY to.

  8. This is so sad. Shaunie is the producer yes but step down. Seriously Queen you have another life to live and represent 🙌🏿. Brook who? You a bad bitch really girl you play too much. NEVER NEVER cared for Evelyn with the colors problem. B-TCH YOU ARE NOT BLACK OR NEVER BEEN AN BASKETBALL WIFE. Sorry for raising my words. This show should never return period.

  9. It’s sad that the only TV shows that have a cast of mostly all black women , don’t show any kind of UNITY, mostly all the TV shows promote negativity It’s awful that the only way black women are shown on television is being negative to one another, 10 seasons of negativity is a shame

    1. It’s seems to be that our BLACK women don’t mind being exploited, they want the COIN$$ & FAME🤦🏽‍♀️🤦🏽‍♀️🤦🏽‍♀️

  10. These woman are always claiming that they are trying to promote a sisterhood and woman empowerment. 😒 They can’t even get along with each other. Just sad

  11. Jackie has always given bipolar vibes. Loving on you one minute, then cursing you out and trying to fight you the next minute. Shiiiii, just ask Malaysia. It’s a hard no for me when it comes to Jackie. She clearly needs help and I’m sick of her antics. AND WHERE IS DOUG EXACTLY?! Oooo and Clay Clay is such a bitter BA, please don’t bring her back. She had no true purpose this year.

  12. Omg, don’t Shaunie have church to attend why are you in the middle of mess God is not in the middle of mess honey seems like money is coming before God not a good look. Don’t ay with God cause he will expose you………….

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